Massage, party & drinks in Cubanitos Düsseldorf!

Cubanitos Neckattack day

Cubanitos Neckattack dayWhere in Düsseldorf can you celebrate the end of work and the beginning of the weekend better than in Cubanitos? In Kurzestr. 14 in Düsseldorf's old town there are cocktails, music, parties and a free massage with a free drink! But only on January 28.1.2016th, 19 from XNUMX p.m. and only if you register for the neckattack day beforehand! You just have to do this Facebook- Mark the page with "I like" and confirm your participation in the event "Neckattack Day Düsseldorf" via Facebook. Invite your friends over Facebook right away, then relax and celebrate together! Anyone who does not have Facebook can simply register here via our website: Registration

Neckattack DayMassage at the longest bar in the world

The so-called "longest bar in the world" is located in the old town of Düsseldorf, in which there are over 250 restaurants, bars, clubs and pubs. One of the popular locations there is the Cubanitos, which is not only suitable for an after-work beer, but also for exuberant party and dance nights until the early hours of the morning. The always cheerful and exuberant partying audience is a colorful mix of locals, tourists and business travelers who are guests at the longest bar in the world. Regardless of whether you are a regular or not, on Neckattack Day everyone can enjoy:

  • a free massage (5-10 minutes Australian massage),
  • a welcome drink and
  • a give-away.

But only the first 100 to register!

Cubanitos Neckattack dayA relaxed start to the weekend

All 100 interested parties who have registered online in advance for the neckattack day can enjoy a relaxed start to the weekend. Those who are not among the first 100 registered guests can still register and still get a drink with giveaway. Only the free massage is available to everyone who has registered a little earlier and faster! Anyone who does not enter the Cubanitos can make an appointment for a mobile massage on the free phone number 0800 - 3380380!

Not just bar massage in Düsseldorf!

massage mobile flat designThe neckattack team from Düsseldorf likes to go to various bars and pubs from Wednesday to Saturday to offer bar massages, but the 25 wellness masseurs and 12 masseurs are also available around the clock during the day and in the office, in the hotel, at the trade fair, at conferences and other events . Even at night and on weekends! The mobile masseurs are really mobile and are not only available in Düsseldorf itself, but also in surrounding regions such as the Lower Rhine and parts of the Ruhr area for a quick energy boost in between!


neckattack day Düsseldorf