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massage leipzig-mann-darkLeave the stress of everyday life behind you: with ours  mobile massage Leipzig brings you relaxation in the office, at your events or in the home office.  Relaxation has never been so easy and possible around the clock.

Why massage?

Basically, massage is used to help Relieving the body of stress or pain. Nowadays, professional massage has become an indispensable part of the wellness and spa sector. Treatment is about getting back to the center of the body. On the one hand through relaxation impulses that are released by the reaction of the nervous system to the massage. On the other hand, through mechanical impulses that arise from massaging different parts of the body. Together, both forms of impulse contribute to each other  to relax physically and mentally . Our ancestors already knew that. The massage is kind of like that oldest form of therapy. In the simplest sense, it is about relieving pain by applying pressure to a point on the body.

Sitting is the new smoking

With the increasing digitization of our professional life, too constant sitting and lack of exercise hand in hand. Tension and stress are often the result of long periods of sitting and excessive tension in everyday working life. Body and mind are no longer in balance. Get your mobile spa to relax in the office, at events or in the home office and forget the constant glance at the clock for a moment. Bring yourself and your employees and colleagues into a relaxed state in which your pulse and breathing can drop in a controlled manner in order to continue the day with more energy.

What is mobile massage Leipzig?

The mobile massage is primarily about relaxation for employees in their professional environment. With mobile massages no clothes need to be taken off and everything that is needed for this, such as a lounger or one special chair, the masseur brings along. In addition, you do not need to plan time for arrival and departure. The treatments range from head massage to neck and shoulder massage to back massage. Employees of a company can take advantage of this during the break, between meetings or at the end of their working day. So you don't always have to book a whole day at the spa in to enjoy relaxing offers. They can enhance your everyday life more independently of the usual opening times and beyond the classic Monday to Friday offer.

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What are the advantages of mobile applications?

85% percent of employees state that they are stressed from work. So it's clear that treatments that are simply for relaxation and recreation are of great benefit to businesses. Not only a demonstrably higher productivity of the employees can be increased by regularly offered massages. The reputation of the company is also increased.

Advantages in everyday (work) life:

  • Proven to increase employee productivity
  • Improves the well-being of employees
  • Increases the concentration
  • Reduces muscle and tension related injuries
  • Improves employee morale
  • Increases motivation
  • Have fun and enjoy

There are a variety of offers from mobile massage Leipzig with independent masseurs * and massage practices who come up with different offers. So look forward to the next treatment from head to toe close to you.


Which masseur is right for you?

What massage options are there in Leipzig? In the following, we will introduce you to three mobile massagers in your city that you can book for your company, your company event, your trade fair presence or even for the home office.

Top 3 masseurs in Leipzig:

  1. Matthias Herbst - Matthias Herbst offers a holistic massage in his massage practice in Leipzig Gohlis. The so-called TouchLife massage method is especially designed for people with a stressful working day. The independent masseur offers targeted regeneration and relaxation in his practice as well as in your office. Particularly noteworthy is its special massage for stressed business people.
  2. Konstanze Rothe - With the soul healing massage method, Konstanze Rothe has focused on a special type of relaxation therapy. In order to reduce discrepancies in the soul and the associated physical symptoms, she offers this practice for harmonizing body, mind and soul. What is special is that the masseuse not only treats the physical side with her massage, but also deals specifically with the mind.
  3. Jenny Mehner - Jenny Mehner is a masseuse and relaxation trainer. With her mobile massage in Leipzig she offers companies the opportunity to provide their employees with real added value. From the hot stone massage, as a classic method, to progressive muscle relaxation and autogenic training to wellness parties, it offers a wide range of treatments.

How do you find proper massage practice?

Not only independent masseurs offer relaxation for you and your employees. Massage practices also offer a wide range of relaxation options.

Top 3 massage practices in Leipzig:
  1. Cardea Spa, Massage & Cosmetics - The wellness oasis of the Cardea Spa can be found in the immediate city center of Leipzig. The Cardea Massage Practice offers a very wide range of relaxing treatments. Highly recommended for massage experts, but also for absolute newbies. The individual needs of the customers are included in every treatment and the massages are implemented accordingly. In the spirit of a health and wellness center, this spa leaves nothing to be desired.
  2. Back oasis - Enjoy the wide range of expertise in back massages in the Back Oasis Massage Leipzig. It is well known that the back and related problems are often associated with stress and tension. Therefore, the team from the back oasis specializes in holistic back, neck, shoulder and head massages. With classic and proven massage techniques, such as the hot stone massage, the relaxation factor remains in the foreground here too.
  3. Sawadee wellness massages - From classic massage to the Far East: Sawadee wellness massages offers a wide range of different treatment methods. The traditional Thai massage is still the focus of this practice. In addition, applications such as Shiatsu, reflexiology or Lomi Lomi are also offered. Of course, traditional treatments are not neglected either - an all-round offer for your relaxation.


Regardless of which method you choose - finding the right massage in Leipzig is always a good decision for your wellness. Whether at home, in the practice or even in the office - massages help body and mind to come back in harmony. Wellness - that is, your own well-being - comes first here. And when you feel good and relaxed, this also transfers to your surroundings. Because balance comes from relaxation. And the Massage Leipzig is really broad and comprehensive and available around the clock.

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