Massage Kiel | 10 invigorating moments for body and soul

Massage Kiel

When you think of Kiel, you not only have the many amenities of a big city, but also breathtaking nature and the extensive beaches of the Baltic Sea in front of your eyes.

But even in Kiel, many people's lives are determined by stress and hectic pace, so that there is hardly any time to slow down. If you too  Treat your body to rest and relaxation  and just want to relax and unwind, a soothing massage is just right for you, especially in 2021.

Effect of a massage

For many people, a massage is superficially about them Relaxation of body and soulwhere you can get away from it all for a while. But uncomfortable tension and stressful pain also often lead customers to the masseur or physiotherapist.

Massages can Release stress or postural tension and blockages, improve concentration and even help with sleep problems. A massage increases well-being, reduces stress and helps to achieve more peace and balance in everyday life. In addition to massages from the wellness area, there are also medical massages that are specifically used by customers with illness-related pain.

Benefits at a glance

  • Relaxation for body and soul
  • Stress reduction
  • Loosen tension
  • Loosening and blood circulation in the muscles
  • Relief from pain and sleep problem
  • Increase in well-being

Are there any disadvantages?

Have massages as well-tried and natural method generally no disadvantages for customers. However, caution is required with some health restrictions, so that a consultation with the doctor is absolutely advisable before a massage treatment.

Caution applies to: circulatory disorders, heart diseases, diseases of the lymphatic system and pregnancy.

Top 10 types of massage

The types of massage are almost as varied as the people themselves. People have used and loved them for thousands of years. The types of massage can be divided into Partial and full body massage organize.

With a partial body massage, as the name suggests, only individual parts of the body are massaged, such as arms, legs, back, head and face and others. With a full body massage, the entire body is massaged extensively and that Wellness experience brought to a new level.

That is our 10 best and most popular types of massage:

  • Hot stone massage
  • Thai massage
  • Mobile massage
  • Lomi Lomi Nui massage
  • Brush massage
  • Ayuverda massage
  • Oil massage
  • (Indian) head massage
  • Sound massage
  • Reflexology

Of course there are many other types of massage that provide the right help for every customer and their needs.

How does a massage work?

There is no such thing as “the” sequence of a massage, as there are many different types of massage for each one special techniques and handles come into use. One can roughly differentiate between the process of a wellness massage and the medical massage.

With a wellness massage, the massage guest becomes a harmonious, pleasant environment massages and thereby finds peace and relaxation. Elements such as relaxation music, scented oils and pleasant lighting make the massage a real wellness experience. Let yourself go completely!

Medical massages are available as scientific curative treatment recognized and may only be carried out by professionally trained personnel. The affected areas of the body are massaged with targeted grip techniques - mostly by tapping, stretching, rubbing and stretching.

Mobile massage in Kiel

Are you in the mood for relaxation and wellness moments, but cannot find time for it in your hectic everyday life? A super convenient option is the mobile massage, for which your masseur comes to the place where he is needed.

They have no waiting times in the massage studio or a time-consuming journey. All you need is a place where you can relax - your masseur will take care of the rest, such as a massage table or massage oil.

Neckattack has been offering mobile massages for over 15 years. Trust our many years of experience and treat yourself to yours well-deserved rest and time out from everyday life. With neckattack you are always in the best of hands.

Massage in Kiel - conclusion

Kiel is a breathtaking place in the north of Germany to unwind and forget everyday worries. Treat yourself Soothing relaxation for your tense body and stressed mind in our top 10 massage types.

For everyone who lacks the time in the hectic pace of everyday life, mobile massages are the perfect solution to get those relaxed wellness moments that they have longed for. Just try it out and  let yourself be pampered again! 

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