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N / A? Fancy a massage and nobody is around to give you a massage?

The problem is now a thing of the past. Regardless of whether  Full body, neck or Thai massage : You don't need to go to any massage parlor. We come to you in the living room! Yes, exactly - you read that right! There are also competent massage request fulfillers in your area and they are only a request away.

Get your personal wellness massage in your own living room!

Who does not know it: the tense shoulders in everyday life, the pulling muscles in the neck or the burning sensation between the shoulder blades when you sit awkwardly for a long time. Often it is simply general tension in different back areas.  Some get into dreaming  and imagine how nice it would be ...

Warm hands on your skin that slide with a fragrant oil lotion first over your neck, then over your shoulder blades and then to your lower back. You will feel your muscles relax and the stress of everyday life say goodbye to you. You let yourself go completely and breathe in and out deeply, while an experienced masseur finally catches the hardened muscle cord in the neck that has been painful for weeks. The hands slide continue over the shoulder, den upper arm and slowly towards the wrist. Even the fingers are skillfully relaxed. The fingers that go through so much work every day. With every centimeter the tension disappears - and the tension. You breathe deeply in and out again. And a voice can be heard from afar. You try to continue to enjoy the alleged relaxation, but the voice becomes more and more haunting. You open your eyes and find yourself in the office. The imprint of the keyboard adorns her face and a lote Tension draws attention to you while you look at your boss in embarrassment. It's a shame, the massage was just a dream ... and you are sitting at your workplace without your own masseur, but with the same tension as before. Or have they even increased? It is high time to do something about it right away.

Let's not just dream about your relaxation anymore! Bring the massage of your dreams home!

Home wellness instead of home office

It doesn't always have to be the classic walk to the physiotherapy practice or treatment in a massage studio. Neckattack offers you the chance to experience the dream of a really good massage in real life. Get the massage of your dreams in your own four walls or even in the office! Because wherever you miss it the most, we are there for you. You can let go instead of trying your luck in different massage studios and thus have another appointment that costs you time and nerves. You'd better get in touch with us now, e.g. B. by email or phone. You can find our contact details here..

Fancy a massage in the living room?

Why WE believe that a massage in your own four walls has a long-term effect.

A massage is always nice, there is no doubt about it. But a massage does not always have the desired effect, for example because it is an inserted appointment in a massage practice and one cannot relax well at all. In addition to the right inner attitudes, other aspects are also important such as the art of timing.

  • better timing
  • comfortable
  • no waiting times
  • no travel times
  • no other people

Different personalities would like to try out the offers of different providers in the areas of spa, wellness and yoga in order to do something good for their body. But sometimes you should just be able to be passive and keep other beliefs like “You can do better!” “You can do it!” And “You have to do it the best” at bay (and mind). Because especially those who are active all day and do not allow themselves a break could use a few minutes of break. How good that a massage is not only possible in your place but also in your place-to-be.

Your home is your castle?

Now imagine if you had a goal in mind after a strenuous day and came home looking forward to a really nice massage! Wouldn't that be something? Or maybe you are one of those people who like to watch videos of masseurs or physiotherapists at home? Have you ever wondered why so many people enjoy doing this at home? Exactly! Because it's so cozy in your own home. Regardless of whether it is the living room, the lounge area or another place to feel good: it is much easier to come down and switch off.

There are even some who watch in their feel-good places how others relax under the gifted hands of masseurs, but there is a certain irony in it, because it looks great, but the pain in the back and neck remains. Don't you want to bring your personal relaxation home physically as well? You no longer only need to imagine what it would be like if you were to be massaged, but also have your wishes implemented. In our team of masseurs, wellness for the head and body is within reach and that is easier than you think! It doesn't matter whether you want a massage at home or, if that doesn't work out so comfortably, at work:

Bring relaxation into your home!

Would you like a massage in Berlin or another city? Then take a look at our practical city overview. In many cities we have capable masseurs who come to your home and give you a little break from everyday life. And best of all: You don't have to wait in a massage practice and you don't have to ruin the relaxed feeling afterwards from bad weather or standing in the subway. The masseur will come to you - for an exclusive time in which you can forget the stress of everyday life and just let go. Your back will thank you and your whole body will ultimately benefit. If you can switch off and relax properly, the muscles in the body do yoga and all the tension of everyday life disappears. We have made it our mission to bring this feeling home to you - in your own four walls and in your own favorite place.

 There are of course many massage practices, but the experience is different . The smell is not familiar, you are often among several people, e.g. B. in the waiting area, maybe just come home from work and can't really switch off and then has a way back to go. Who does not know it - the cursing about the fact that you are still unrelaxed despite a massage. Trouble driving a car, a standing or inconvenient seat on public transport, wind and weather can thwart the feeling of wellbeing.

Let yourself get involved in the experiment and make an appointment today that you can look forward to now. We guarantee you: When the masseur leaves your house, you will be left with peace and relaxation.

Question mark left?

Do you have any questions? Write to us and we will answer all your questions ( or give us a quick call, free of charge 08003 380 380 If none of this helps, there is of course still the way to the Yellow Pages : )