Massage against the hangover - or better from the hangover?

Massage hangover

New Year's Eve video compilation

Massage hangoverneckattack recommends the animal massage to start the new year! If you didn't have time to make an appointment for the massage to relax, you might find a solution with your pet. We took a look around!

A massage can be particularly beneficial after a long New Year's party. Does your neck hurt because the New Year's fireworks went on for so long? Is your neck stiff because the party room wasn't heated? Your muscles ache because the New Year dance was too skipped? Or do you just have a ... hangover?

Anyone who has a hangover on New Year's morning can consider themselves lucky, because cats are good at massaging their master or mistress:

When the hangover with the dog ...

Cats and dogs, it is believed, do not get along well. But if they feel unobserved, then quite by chance they show us what the truth is about their alleged hostility. The cat is relaxing and massaging the dog's back while the dog enjoys the view of the garden. If you want to have your dog massaged professionally, read on here:

Mobile massage for rabbits

And especially mobile massagewho visits the rabbit cage on four paws. Whereby it is not very clear whether the cat masseur is not just as relaxed as the rabbit who ordered the mobile massage in the rabbit cage. The main thing: relaxing!

The lazy pig in wellness heaven

In the following video, a literally lazy sow has booked a highly relaxing massage with her mobile masseur with four cat paws. As in the most luxurious wellness temple, the pig enjoys a special paw massage on the sofa at home under a warming wool blanket. With a mobile massage you just feel good!

There is a horse in the hallway ...

If you don't have a hangover that you can put on for a massage on New Year's morning, you should perhaps stop by the riding stables to see if the popular masseuse with the big round eyes and long eyelashes is offering her neck massage. She seems so inspiring that a massage chain reaction develops:

We hope you have been inspired by the animal massage and next time ask your pet to relax.

If all of this is too cumbersome for you, and you or your family or colleagues simply have a mobile Massage at home want to send from neckattack: Just call 08003 380380. You can also get one Massage voucher buy online and give away or redeem it when it suits you. We look forward to your comments and questions, should you have.