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Why neckattack?

  • We have been specializing in office and event massage for companies for 16 years
  • Best quality: only the most qualified masseurs remained in the neckattack massage team during this time.
  • Our free online reservation tool helps perfectly with the organization (office massage).
  • We have relaxed almost all well-known companies from "Allianz" to "Zeit": References
  • You can book a masseur (male / female) continuously or alternate between different masseurs - just as you want.
  • Our office team is always there for you and reacts flexibly within minutes or a maximum of 1-2 hours.
  • Cancellation is free of charge up to 48 hours before the appointment.

What should you watch out for because of COVID?

We regularly adapt our Covid recommendations and our protective measures to the current situation. You can find the current status here:

What  References  has neckattack?

For over 15 years we have been massaging the largest companies worldwide, with branches or events in Germany and other European countries. From Amazon to Zeiss we were allowed to relax a lot. Here is a small list of familiar names:

How are the cancellation rules?

The cancellation of individual employees for massage appointments is generally possible at any time and free of charge.

Cancellation by the company for booked appointments is possible 48 hours in advance free of charge. Thereafter, a maximum of 50% cancellation fees apply, unless otherwise agreed. For your information: In the last 15 years we have not charged any company cancellation fees.

How do I order?

Simply by email, phone call or - in the case of an online offer - with a click on "Accept offer."

Are massages deductible?

Yes - if carried out by a specialist, there is no annual limit, contrary to prevailing opinion. Massages in the workplace are considered for the most part  "In the predominantly internal interest" and therefore no wages (this is evidenced by past judgments by the Federal Constitutional Court). So completely corporate costs.

How is it paid?

Corporate customers receive an invoice by email after the massage. Payment is usually made by bank transfer. We also accept paypal or credit cards.

In some companies, the individual employee pays himself. This can be done either in cash or online using our free booking system.

Where is the massage going?

For office massages, the company should ideally provide a separate room.

A lounge-like corner would be ideal for events. A little quieter, but preferably not completely screened off so that the guests also know where the massage stand is.

Alternatively, active promotion for the massages can be made at events and guests can also be massaged directly where they are sitting. We call this "Australian" massage. 

What do we have to provide as a company?

As a company, you should provide a separate room and promote something before the massage appointment.

Announcements in advance would be desirable at events

Massage therapists usually bring their own drinks and food, but they appreciate it if the company can provide on-site support.

We need a contact person including a mobile phone number on site, not only for events, but also for office massages.

Parking spaces or a parking recommendation for the masseurs would be good - they usually have to carry somewhat heavier equipment and should ideally be able to park close to the place of work.

What does the masseur bring with him?

The masseurs bring all the equipment necessary for the massage (this may vary depending on the booking): the massage chair or the massage bench, disinfectant, oil, disposable pads, etc. 

When exactly does the masseur start massaging?

If we have agreed a start time such as 10:30, this means that the hands are on the first customer at 10:30. So beforehand, we set up and prepare.

Does the masseur take breaks?

Usually the masseur should take a break after 4 hours at the latest. This is normally 1 hour but can be shortened or lengthened as an exception and by arrangement. The break does not count towards the booked massage time and is not paid for by the customer.

Can it be extended or shortened spontaneously?

In most cases, an extension can be made on site in consultation with the masseur. Any shortening should be clarified in advance with the neckattack office. If this has been agreed, there is no problem here.

What happens after the massage?

After the agreed massage time, the masseur packs up his material and politely says goodbye to the local contact person. The invoice for the assignment arrives a few days later by email from the neckattack office.

How does your online booking work?

Together we define when and at what time the massages should take place and at what intervals. This is stored in our booking system and can be accessed via an individual link for the respective location.

This link can be sent by email to anyone who wants a massage. They can then view vacant and occupied appointments and simply enter a date and time for a free appointment with your email. 

What times are suitable for office massages?

Many companies start with massages in the morning. Lunch is recommended for smaller bookings. Mondays and Fridays are usually not very popular.

Are there any framework agreements with neckattack?

Upon request, we will be happy to create a small individual contract with our services, cancellation conditions, etc. within one day.

Massages at home or in the office?

  • seit 15 Jahren

  • without travel costs

  • Reserve online

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