Massage on the massage chair: the mini oasis of relaxation

massage chair

massage chairMassages on the massage chair

are a possibility to offer soothing massages in the smallest of spaces and on the move. It is ideal for mobile massage at trade fairs, events or in offices, it is also an ideal aid for home visits, as it usually weighs less than a mobile massage table and can also be used in smaller cars.

Which massages are suitable for the massage chair?

The massage chair is particularly popular for mobile massages that are applied over clothing. Due to the position that the patient assumes on a massage chair, it is particularly suitable for massages on the back, neck and head. For the masseur, a massage chair offers a more relaxed and upright posture, which makes the massage easier for him. Massages on the massage chair are popular Shiatsu Elements, but any other type of massage is also possible. Our neckattack team uses mobile massage in bars Events and in offices mostly the Australian massage, which has very vitalizing effects over clothing.

Properties of a good massage chair

massage chairOccasionally well-known discounters even offer massage chairs. The price differences are large, but the quality differences are also corresponding. What should you look out for when buying a massage chair? The chair should:

  • Be stable
  • To be made of light materials and thereby
  • Have a light weight
  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Have oil-proof upholstery
  • Be easy to clean
  • Be comfortable for the guest
  • Show a variety of setting options and
  • Ideally, be delivered with a robust and hard-wearing transport bag.

Those who know their (potential) customers also know for which (dynamic or static) weight the chair should be designed. If you want to be on the safe side, choose a massage chair that is suitable for a static weight of up to 250kg. Speaking of "weight": a massage chair is mostly used for mobile massage, which is why it often has to be carried. Therefore, after the stability, the total weight should also play a role. A chair with "only" 10kg dead weight can become too heavy at the latest on the 2nd floor without a lift - especially if the customer lives on the 5th floor ...

Luxurious and ultra-light: Stronglite Ergo PRO II ™

massage chairThe 2016 model of the Stronglite Ergo PRO II is the result of constant improvements from everyday life in collaboration with the "father" of modern chair massage, David Palmer and founder of A high-end product that has really thought of everything - both in terms of the comfort of the masseur and the guest, because both should benefit from it. At only 8,6kg it is one of the lightweights among the Massage chairs, but is still extremely stable and is suitable for a static load of up to 270kg. The countless and very simple adjustment and setting options, some of which can be operated with one hand, create optimal conditions for every customer and every masseur - individually adjustable to every body size! The Stronglite Ergo PRO II sets standards among massage chairs! Available in our neckattack Shop at: Stronglite Ergo PRO II

massage chair stronglite_proMore flexibility when massaging with a massage chair

The mobile massage chair is a portable, ergonomically designed piece of furniture for traditional massage. It offers shelves for the head, chest and arms as well as for knees and lower legs. Such a massage gives the masseur the possibility of massaging the head, neck, shoulders and arms, up to the hands, under simplified conditions at any location and, above all, it is not necessary to undress for a massage in the mobile massage chair.

The term mobile massage chair is mainly used to differentiate between the portable chairs for manual massage and stationary massage chairs or massage chairs with built-in mechanics that perform an automated form of massage of certain body parts. These mechanical chairs primarily treat the back. More elaborately built massage chairs also massage other parts of the body. Such massage chairs work completely automatically, or they are controlled during the massage by the person being massaged by means of a remote control.
The mobile massage chair, on the other hand, is used exclusively to enable the body to adopt the relaxed posture necessary for a massage, even while sitting. Instead of a backrest, a mobile chair has a padded chest plate, which makes it possible to lean forward and keep the back free for treatment by the masseur or therapist. The neck muscles are relaxed by a headrest that supports the face on the forehead and sides, but leaves the mouth and nose free. The arms can be conveniently placed forward on an armrest that is mounted behind the chest support. Padded supports for the lower legs take the body weight in the lower part. The legs are therefore bent, which limits the duration of a massage to a maximum of about half an hour.

How did the massage chair come about?

While the first motorized massage chairs came onto the market in Japan as early as 1954, the portable chair for manual massage while sitting has a more recent history. David Palmer designed the first mobile massage chair in 1986 in San Francisco. The frame of the High Touch Massage Chair was made of wood and could be folded into a kind of suitcase. Three years later, the first mobile massage chair model with a metal frame was created. However, this design still had considerable stability problems. In the years that followed, the construction was improved to such an extent that the mobile massage chair had its final shape around the turn of the millennium.
The further development of the massage chair brought in particular a change from wood to light metals in the frame, but also an expansion and refinement of the adjustment mechanisms on the individual backrests and supports. In addition, modifications such as the massage bar were created, which only consists of a chest and headrest as well as an armrest. It is placed on a table for the massage and used together with a normal chair.

Where is the mobile massage chair used?

The transportable chair is particularly suitable for on-site massage, i.e. where people need a massage, at work or at company events, sporting events or trade fairs and exhibitions. The main advantages here are that the mobile massage chair requires less space than a massage bench, is easy to transport and does not require undressing for the massage.

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