Massage apps: relaxation via smartphone!

Massage app

Massage appSmartphones make our lives easier, no question about it! But: can a smartphone massage? Yes it can! With the right app, "anything" is possible! We present selected apps that relate to the subject of massage - and can even massage! Mobile massage completely different!

Small massage course via smartphone: massage apps

Massage appThe "Massage Video Lessons" app is perfect for anyone who would like to massage themselves but know neither handles nor techniques. Unfortunately, this app is only available for smartphones that run on the Android system, but it is free. The app offers over 700 videos in which different techniques and techniques for massaging a partner or yourself are simply explained and shown. The language is English, but because these are videos, little language skills are required to understand the instructions. In some videos, the instructions are designed in such a way that the massage works at the same time as the instructions shown - for example with a technique that allows you to effectively massage your thigh with a tennis ball.

The art of massage via app

Massage appThe app “Massage - The Art Of Healing” is not free at 1,37 €, but it is of high quality and useful. If you want to take a look at the app first, you can test the less extensive "Lite" version for free. The app conveys important basics of massage in order to avoid typical mistakes in practical application right from the start. How do I hold my fingers during the massage? How much strength do i need Which muscle groups are located where? Those who know the basics can start directly with the various massage techniques and types of massage. From the innumerable types of massages around the world, a large selection is explained, and simple handles and techniques are explained and illustrated with drawings. Only for Android!

Here the mobile phone takes over the massage!

Massage appWith the smartphone you can learn massages, but you can also be massaged yourself! The “Body's Massager” massage app, which is not meant to be taken seriously, uses the function of vibrating the telephone to provide relaxation. The user first selects where he would like to be massaged and then places his smartphone on the indicated location following the instructions. The duration and intensity of the vibration is now determined by the app and should help against headaches, joint pains and tense necks. Biggest point of criticism: the battery of the smartphone is massaged empty relatively quickly! And: those who use the tablet instead of the smartphone are more tense than relaxed afterwards!

For little princesses little girls who are still too young to work as a masseur or in the wellness oasis, there is an app that is best installed on a tablet so that the children can play better with it. With “Princess Spa Body Massage” the little princesses offer various massages in their virtual spa: hot stone massage, oil massage, etc. Of course, just as virtually as the beauty salon, customers here are pampered with soothing massages. In order to be able to offer the virtual customers little extras after the massage, the app also offers beauty treatments such as a leg shave or tattoo. The app is only available for Android and can be used intuitively by children.

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