Massage at work | 8 amazing reasons for massages

Massage at work

Massage at work

Massage at the workplace-flatdesign-250-blackFor most employees in various companies, modern day-to-day work is increasingly taking place in front of the computer. The employees are mainly seated and they lack space and the possibility of compensatory movement. Stress,  lack of opportunities to relax And other factors, in addition to a lack of exercise, can lead to tension in the long term, which can sometimes severely restrict both the concentration and the productivity of the employees.

Mobile massages are a service that can address these problems. You can find out here what advantages such an offer can offer employees and employers.

What is massage in the workplace?

A mobile massage in the workplace is a service that is primarily aimed at workers whose workplace is in an office. Hence also Office massage called, or in the currently increasing case:  Home office massages . The massage is performed directly in the company or at home and lasts around 15-20 minutes. The measure is primarily intended to relieve acute tension and give employees greater wellbeing in just a few minutes, while at the same time  Reducing stress make possible. Everything that is necessary for this is brought directly to the office. A massage table or a massage chair do not have to be available at the workplace.

This makes the mobile massage a service that offers a large number of benefits for the health of the employees and the outcome of the company in a short period of time.

Advantages for ...

... the employee who uses a mobile massage?

  • Quick release of tension, for example in the neck and shoulder area
  • Easy to book and always available
  • There is no need for a massage chair or massage table in the room
  • Mobile massages provide relaxation and improve performance in just a few minutes
  • Employees do not have to leave the workplace

... the employer who wants to offer their employees mobile massages?

  • Massage at the workplace serves to promote company health
  • Relaxed employees are an improvement for the working atmosphere and the outcome
  • An offer that promotes health in the office  increase performance 

For whom and when

For people whose work mainly takes place while sitting, massages at the workplace are particularly beneficial. For companies that want to provide relaxation and a better working atmosphere through massages and other offers, mobile massage is a particularly suitable means of getting one step closer to their goal.

In times of exhaustion and frequent stress, the mobile massage at the workplace gives those who are under  Tension in the shoulder and neck area  suffer the ability to effectively combat these at work.


Also and especially people who try to take a little time for themselves and their health with mobile massages are warmly recommended.

The sequence of massages in the workplace

The process is very simple. You book an appointment for a massage at the workplace by email or phone. At the desired time, the massage is carried out on site at the company. According to your individual wishes, the massages can be intense and take up to an hour or solve many problems within a few minutes and provide relaxation.

Tax issues

If your company offers to organize massages for you and to cover the costs, please note the following:

The  mobile massages do NOT have to be declared as a pecuniary benefit  provided that they are declared by the employer as a company measure to combat health-related illnesses associated with work. Thus, if massages are carried out by a specialist - as with neckattack - they are to be regarded as "mainly in the company's own interests" (see

For companies, the massages are then tax-exempt. Ideally, measures such as on-site massage serve to prevent work-related illnesses and the associated loss of work. If this requirement is met, the costs of such services can be used without restrictions  claimed as business expenses  .


A professionally performed relaxation massage at the workplace has a multitude of positive effects on work ethic, productivity, the working atmosphere and sick leave in the company. These aspects make such a measure a real win-win situation for employees and donors at the same time.

Upgrade your day-to-day work and get rid of annoying tension and feelings of exhaustion permanently.

Book a mobile massage and boost your health and productivity in one.


How do I book mobile massages?

You can book mobile massages at the following link: Contact Form

How much does the massage cost?

The cost of a massage depends on the time taken. You can find our massage prices here, for example.

How do I find the right masseur?

Since a massage is quite an intimate affair, the masseur should be well chosen. A good education and an emphatic attitude should definitely be available.

Massages at home or in the office?

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