Sick from stress: how massage helps

Psychological stress

Massage stressSick from stress?

Sometimes it is difficult to find the balance between stress and relaxation and the stress takes over. It threatens to rule your life - and worsen your health. Too much of it makes you sick and can affect the body in many ways. Many symptoms that are triggered by stress can easily be remedied with a soothing, relaxing massage.

Back pain from stress

Statistically, in 85% of all back pain cases, no specific medical cause can be found. Such problems are then "only" caused by stress, psychological problems and nervous overload. If these causes disappear and the patient has some time to relax again, the back pain usually also disappears. No herniated disc, no spinal problems - just stress! Massage can help relieve back pain by loosening up the muscles in the back.

Massage stressTense muscles

When we are under stress, we automatically tense our muscles, unconsciously pull our shoulders up and cramp easily without being aware of it. Anyone who can deal with stress well relaxes himself and his body again. Anyone who has not learned to deal with this correctly does not release himself from the unconscious tension and tension. This creates, among other things, bad posture, relieving posture - and other tension. And the muscles that are tense over a longer period of time then react with pain. A massage can therefore be painful at first, but ultimately it serves to loosen up cramped and tense muscles and ensure that the pain disappears.

digestive problems

“That hits me on the stomach” or “listen to my gut feeling” are two expressions that show how closely the stomach and psyche are linked. Many digestive problems like heartburn, gas, and diarrhea are caused by stress. For example, this can mean that your esophagus no longer closes properly and stomach acid can rise. Even those who do not chew properly and thoroughly or swallow air while eating hastily can cause flatulence. A relaxing massage helps you cope better with stress and let go. Special massages such as the Colon massage get your digestion going again.

Massage stressheadache

Headaches are known side effects of stress. They are usually caused by tense back and neck muscles, a lack of sleep or insufficient drinking. It is important to always drink enough, even in stressful situations, and to allow the body at least some time out while sleeping. A good one against headaches caused by a tense neck or cramped back muscles neck massage Wonder. Mobile for 5-10 minutes Massage at work has a revitalizing effect and prevents headaches!

Toothache / pain in the jaw

Many do not know and only find out when damage has already occurred: Many people unconsciously reduce stress during the night by grinding their teeth. Rubbing teeth against each other while sleeping leads to excessive wear on the chewing surfaces and damage to tooth enamel. Toothache and sensitivity to hot, cold, sweet or sour foods can result. Often headaches, aching jaw joint and tense neck muscles also result from nightly activity. A grinding splint prevents this, while massage in the neck, jaw joint and temples relieves pain.

Massage stressMobile massage against stress-related complaints

Stressful people think they have little time. Too little time for relaxation, too little time for a massage that can relieve all stress-related symptoms. Mobile massage is the best way to integrate relaxation into a busy schedule. The mobile masseur also likes to come to the workplace to prevent complaints from where they arise!

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