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Basket hunter and neckattack? What is the matter with it?

neckattack logoOn April 16, our number 1 basketball team, the basket hunters from Hanover, had its last home game of the season, we from neckattack were there live and looked at the unique atmosphere for you. Unfortunately, the visiting team from Bernau underlined again on this match day why they deserved a place in the 2nd Bundesliga and won with an 81: 102. The basket hunters however, made the best of it with a great game and great atmosphere.


Basket hunter and neckattack Now it's time to wait for the next season ... It starts in September this year and so do we from neck attack will be represented at every home game from now on to guarantee you a relaxed game. What could be better than enjoying a nice basketball game with free beer on the weekend and a subsequent shoulder and neck massage from our masseurs. So every second weekend there is an exciting and relaxing day waiting for you: the atmosphere is great, food and drinks are always well taken care of, there is never a lack of tension in the game and there is good music on top. We, the basket hunters and neckattack, look forward to seeing you and guarantee you lots of fun and a relaxed back.


Basket hunter and neckattack

In Hanover, the fair and the visit of the American head of state are now over, the streets are slowly becoming freer and the lanes emptier, time to relax a little again. Visit the Sausalitos or Café Barcelona for one more time Mobile massage dust off from our masseurs, your back will thank you. Treat yourself to a little break from everyday life, because stress is one of the main causes of chronic back and neck problems. Our masseurs can help you to relax not only during the basketball games, but also in the bars of Hanover in the evenings.

And of course not only in restaurants and bars, but primarily in companies as Office massage or at events, for example with the Mass massage. At most sporting events, of course, massages are available to protect the athletes from injuries or to relax and loosen the muscles again after the use. Click here for ours Contact Form.


We hope you danced well into May and can now enjoy the warmer temperatures. We wish you a good start into the new month, stay relaxed and see you at the next game or in one of the bars.

With this in mind, best regards, your neckattack team mobile massage Hanover.