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Lively, trendy and innovative - anyone who wants to get started professionally and privately is in the right place in Leipzig! Leipzig has been trendy for years and has been affectionately christened “Hypezig” by the social media generation.

The colorful metropolis invites you to realize your dreams and let your creativity run free. All of this in an almost idyllic setting, while the city is growing faster and faster.

As in any other big city, despite all the tranquility, stress and hectic pace are inevitable. This leads to tension in the shoulders and neck, which often move up to the head. Nasty, excruciating headaches are the result. It's high time for a massage, too  more balance and well-being in everyday life  helps.

A head massage, which has its origins in India and the traditional Ayuverda treatment, is ideal for reducing stressful tension and recurring headaches.

Effect of a massage on the head

Postural tension and tension caused by stress are not uncommon: People with fast paced lives are often plagued by them and look for relaxation in everyday life. Massages can relieve headaches and tension and help the body regain its strength without having to take a pill.

Head massages are particularly popular and have several positive effects: Apply gentle pressure with your fingers and thumb Energy points on the head, forehead, temples, face and ears are stimulated and stimulates the scalp. This releases blockages and stimulates blood circulation. Head massages not only lower the stress level, but also have a long-term positive effect on concentration.

In this way, body and mind come back to the long-awaited calm. Often, customers with insomnia could find that a head massage works with the Improvement of their condition helps. If oils are used in the head massage, this can also have a positive effect on the hair. The blood flow to the scalp and the supply of nutrients from the oils can even stimulate and promote hair growth in some cases.

Who is a head massage suitable for?

The positive effects are obvious - so a head massage is suitable for everyone who likes yours Do something good for your health and want to get rid of unpleasant tension. The daily carousel of thoughts can finally come to a standstill with a massage, so that a deep feeling of relaxation and well-being sets in.

Since a head massage is one of the gentle massage treatments, no negative effects are to be expected. However, it is better not to use it for wounds on the scalp, eczema and psoriasis.

Procedure for a professional head massage

Even if some head massage techniques can be learned via video instruction in the internet age and performed with a partner or alone, it is always advisable to trust the experience of a professional masseur - because here you are relaxed in hands who know exactly how to massage effectively and effectively.

A head massage is often performed as a partial body massage on the temples, ears, forehead and head. The special Indian head massage is not limited to the head, but includes the face, arms and shoulders in the soothing massage. A head massage is also great Perform as part of a full body massage or combine with a hand massage.

The masseur can perform the head massage either sitting or lying down. A relaxed position helps you to get involved in the beneficial application. Oils and relaxing music promote your well-being and ensure a great wellness experience while massaging.

Starting at the hairline, the scalp is massaged and sensitized with circular movements, for which the masseur mainly uses his fingertips. With gentle pressure and more intensive movements, the masseur then works his way from the front of the head and hairline to the back of the head and neck. Do this with your fingers Detect painful and tense pointsto then massage them with circular and stroking movements.

Particularly on the sensitive back of the head, gentle downward stroking movements are carried out with gentle pressure from the thumb and fingertips. A classic head massage takes between 20-30 minutes, while the Indian head massage massages from the scalp to the arms for around 60 minutes.

Head massage as a mobile service

If you suffer from recurring headaches and tension, but have little time to visit a massage studio, a mobile head massage is the ideal solution for you.

For this purpose, professional masseurs come to the place where they are needed, so that for you there is no time-consuming journey. Whether at home, in the office or at an event - a mobile head massage can be carried out almost anywhere. The neckattack masseurs have many years of experience and skillfully use their fingers and hands. Let your Massage away headache and help with your well-deserved relaxation.


What could be nicer than forgetting the stress of everyday life with a massage and bringing the carousel of thought to a standstill? The head massage is a Well-tried and natural aidto relieve tension in the shoulders and neck, relieve headaches and bring mind and body back into harmony. In some cases, the growth of the hair can even be positively influenced.

Even if the head massage using video instructions tempts you to help yourself quickly, an experienced masseur or physiotherapist cannot be replaced in the long term. If you have little time in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you can conveniently have a massage almost anywhere. A professional massage application provides a  deep sense of well-being  and is perfect for anyone looking for relaxation in an exciting city like Leipzig and finally wanting to do something good for themselves.

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