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Thai massage in KielKiel Thai Massage - Wellness for advanced users

Rough coastlines, cool northern air - Kiel and its region are a Baltic dream for everyone who does not want to be wrapped in cotton wool under a warm shower. In Kiel you can experience real nature and listen to breaking waves as they swing in their own rhythm.

But while we're on the subject of rhythm: The year 2021 has messed up a lot, even for the people of Kiel, and demanded a lot from most of them. So it's high time to treat yourself to some rest and relaxation. How about a special kind of massage? The Thai massage  is ideal for an intense massage experience to bring body and mind back into harmony.

Effect of a Thai massage

The traditional Thai massage, which is known and translated in Thailand under the name "Nuat Phaen Boran" "Massage according to an ancient pattern" means, is a full body massage, which is composed of different massage techniques.

According to traditional understanding, the Free the ten selected energy lines in the body, people find their way back to their inner center and restore the often lost connection between body and mind. The Thai massage does not only help to achieve mental balance and relaxation. Physical complaints can also be effectively alleviated by the traditional Thai massage (TTM for short).

Typical complaints from many customers are:

  • back pain
  • headache
  • dizziness
  • sleep disorders
  • Tinnitus
  • indigestion
  • Inner unrest

Today's science has shown that Stretching effectively relaxes the muscles, the passive yoga positions have a positive effect on the skeleton and the entire posture and the blood circulation in the body is stimulated even more with the help of the pressure point massage.

For whom are Thai massages in Kiel suitable?

A Thai massage is suitable for everyone who stress-related tension have or suffer from regular back pain due to jobs that are now predominantly seated. But also a unbalanced, exhausted mind benefits from this intense massage - because inner balance has a positive effect on everyday life. A Thai massage is the perfect opportunity for a pleasant break.

Due to the intensive massage treatment, customers with physical complaints must exercise caution and ideally consult their doctor beforehand. Circulatory disorders, diseases of the lymphatic system, heart diseases and pregnancy can oppose the Thai massage.

How does the traditional Thai massage work?

During the Thai massage, customers are massaged on a floor mat in comfortable, long-sleeved clothing. Be there Massage techniques from passive yoga and acupressure combined with each other. For the masseur, Thai massage means full physical effort - he works with thumb, ball of the hand, elbow, knees and feet.

The intense stretching and stretching movements will make you encouraged deep breathing and your muscles are optimally supplied with oxygen. As part of the Thai full body massage, a Thai foot massage (called Nuad Tao) can also be integrated or performed as a sole foot massage. The Thai foot massage is characterized by selective stretching and pressure grips, through which energetic points are stimulated and the self-healing powers are activated.

What are the prices in Kiel?

A great place for Thai massages is Kiel Elmschenhagen. The prices vary depending on the provider and the desired massage treatment. The best thing is to have an individual offer made and treat yourself to yours, especially in 2021 well-deserved break. Kiel Elmschenhagen has the right offer for every wish.

Thai massage as a mobile service

Wellness and relaxation have become a rarity in hectic everyday life? A problem that most city dwellers probably share today. Fortunately, there is a very simple solution: mobile massages!

The masseur is happy to come conveniently to the place where he is needed. They have no more waiting times in the massage studio or an expensive journeythat costs you unnecessarily time. In this way, you can easily integrate rest and relaxation into your everyday life.

Neckattack has been offering mobile Thai massages and many other types of massages for over 15 years. Trust our many years of experience and you will find it on our website Your perfect massage in Kiel.


Kiel not only captivates with its north German charm, but also with numerous possibilities to bring body and soul into harmony. A special one is the Thai massage, in which your body is relaxed and well supplied with blood thanks to the special massage techniques.

You don't just experience one significant increase in your well-being, but are scientifically proven to do something good for your health. An excellent addition is the Thai foot massage - a  Enjoyment that you will remember for a long time. 

If you don't have the time in everyday life, a mobile Thai massage is your perfect solution! Simply arrange on our website an appointment.

Massages at home or in the office?

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