Can Cologne only have carnival? Bar massage on neckattack day

neckattack day Cologne

neckattack day CologneThe chilled atmosphere of the “Elements Cologne” bar ensured that the stress stayed outside during neckattack day in Cologne. All those who had registered in advance to take part in the neckattack day Cologne could look forward to a delicious free drink! So delicious that the bar occasionally offers courses where everyone can learn how to mix the perfect cocktail!

Active guests

neckattack day CologneThe neckattack day took place in many cities at the same time: in Hamburg, Stuttgart, Berlin, Hanover, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich and even Barcelona (by appointment) free massages were offered in bars, cafes and popular trendy restaurants. And the after work drink was free! Our masseuse was on site on January 28, 2016 to enable a wonderfully relaxing massage with a drink right at the bar. In addition, she received active support from a woman among the guests who courageously helped and, among other things, took photos of the event! Thank you again on this way!

There were no walk-ins

In advance, 40 people had registered via our website or the Facebook event in order to enjoy the relaxing pleasure of a free bar massage including a free drink. The evening started promisingly at 19 p.m., but there was no rush. It is estimated that only a quarter of the registered guests showed up by 21 p.m. Was it because of the occasional rain that the rest of the registered guests preferred to relax after work on the sofa at home instead of with a free massage?

Big thanks to the team of "Elements Cologne"

neckattack day CologneThe bar team "Elements Cologne“Provided the guests looking for relaxation with cocktails and encouraged their guests to sweeten the well-deserved evening with a bar massage. At this point, thanks again for your support and commitment! Anyone who “missed” neckattack day in Cologne on the sofa at home can look forward to it: every week from Wednesday to Saturday you will find some of our 33 wellness masseurs and 10 masseurs from the Cologne team from 20 p.m. in Cologne's nightlife. It usually starts on Thursdays around 20 p.m. in the "Film can“Near the university.

Business massage and more!

Our large massage team Cologne offers mobile massages all over Cologne without travel costs! These include mobile business massages in companies, massages at events or massages at trade fairs. Neither the day of the week nor the time matter: neckattack offers relaxation around the clock, even on the weekend! Our city manager Agnes Jendrecki is looking forward to wonderfully relaxing mobile massage to convey!