Cactus massage: bizarre relaxation

Cactus massage

Cactus massageGranted, the market for wellness applications is growing and therefore encourages innovation. But whether and how useful some ideas are, you don't really want to judge at first glance. Again and again, particularly bizarre-looking forms of massage appear, whose name alone raises a big question mark. So also the cactus massage, which at first sounds more like acupuncture than a relaxing massage ...


The massage varies somewhat depending on the provider, but the basic features of all offers are likely to be similar. Usually the large leaves of the prickly pear are used. Before using it as a massage tool, all spines are carefully removed - the fear of unwanted acupuncture is therefore unfounded! The leaves are now free of spines and are placed in hot water for a short time so that they become soft and pliable and do not break during further use. The leaves prepared in this way can also be kept refrigerated for a few days. With some providers, the leaves are then cut open and placed in agave brandy. If you like it "alcohol-free", the leaves are freshly cut in half right before the massage so that they can lie on the skin with the largest possible surface. Now the fleshy interior of the leaf is worked into the skin with gentle movements. The juice of the cactus leaves is said to have a soothing and rejuvenating effect. Some providers also combine essences from cactus flowers and herbs.

Effect of the cactus massage

The providers of the cactus massage promise that this special type of massage has many advantages:

  • Cactus massageincreasing blood circulation
  • hautberuhigend
  • detoxifying
  • rejuvenating
  • caring and
  • be relaxing.

The providers explain that the juice from the cactus leaves they use is as beneficial to healing as aloe vera juice and so this massage is particularly recommended in the evening to alleviate sun-related skin irritation. Care should be taken not to use leaves that have previously been soaked in alcohol. This refreshes the skin, but dries it out, which is counterproductive in the case of sunburn. On hot summer days it is still advisable to try the cooled and “alcoholized” cactus leaves on the skin. The cactus massage is definitely refreshing and relaxing, to what extent a rejuvenating effect occurs, everyone has to judge for themselves ...

Where can I get the cactus massage?

Cactus massageWith us it becomes difficult to provide enough fresh cactus leaves for the massage. Therefore this form of massage is only possible where the prickly pear grows. A mobile masseur will therefore never include the cactus massage in its offer in Central Europe. Allegedly the massage with cactus leaves originated in Mexico and was used there by the Huichol tribe. Today she is especially in Spas and wellness temples from Mexican luxury hotels, but also some providers in the south of the USA have already included massage in their offer. The massage is offered under different names: Whether it is simply “Cactus Massage”, “Hakali” or “Nopal”, cactus leaves are always used for the massage. And they are always without spikes. Promised.

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