Massage Jobs For Students

We are looking for regular massage promoters to work in the trendy bars and lounges.

You should be young at heart and young, outgoing and personable and already have experience in the sampling.
You love to people, like going into bars and lounges and are ready once or several times at night to work per week for 4 to 5 hours? You are friendly and fits of course optically into the respective bar scene?

Ready to join the neckattack © team?

Background information

The Running massage (Bar-massage) was born in 2002 in Australia. Since 2004, neckattack® Bar-massage, and now with over 500 massage therapists (m / w) Germany-wide. Running Massage is a combination of promotional massage and ultra-short massage - is performed at full clothing - of course. The running massage works in the shoulders and neck and takes 5 minutes, wherever the customer is sitting - on the bar stools, the sofa or at the table.

You can get a free, professional training and familiarization of our physical therapists on site.
Then you can pamper our customers and relax.

Bar Massage Gallery