Jobs for part-time workers and students

We are regularly looking for massage promoters (m / f) to work in trendy bars and lounges.

You should be young or young at heart, extroverted and personable and already have experience in sampling. Do you like to meet people, like to go to bars and lounges and are you willing to work once or several times a week in the evening for 4 to 5 hours at a time? Are you friendly and of course also optically fit into the respective bar scene?

Background information

The Running massage (Bar Massage) was born in Australia in 2002. Neckattack® has been offering bar massage since 2004, and now with over 500 masseurs (male / female) throughout Germany. Running massage is a combination of promotional massage and ultra-short massage, which - of course - is carried out with full clothing. The running massage works in the shoulder and neck and lasts 5 minutes, wherever the customer is sitting - on the bar stool, the sofa or at the table.

You will receive free professional training and induction from our on-site physiotherapists.
Afterwards you can pamper our customers and relax.

After a first day of trial, during which the city manager or an experienced neckattack® employee carefully familiarizes you, you have the opportunity to get to know our concept and our company on 2 evenings. During this time we will try to integrate you into the team as well as possible.

Our massage promoters earn an average of around € 60 to € 80 per evening, good promoters make it to over € 100, very good ones even to over € 200 in four hours.
Be prepared for € 60 at the beginning and you will not be disappointed.
You work independently, need a trade license or a tax number (depending on the city). You will receive your money in cash in the evening.

Working hours are in the evening and at night between 20:00 p.m. and 01:00 a.m., usually from Wednesday to Saturday.
You can work flexibly and regularly two to four times in a week and are always on the move in a team.
You wear a black polo shirt with a yellow NeckAttack® logo and work with your partner on a specific tour for 4-5 hours.
This tour consists of four to six bars and restaurants that are informed and are already waiting for you.

So that it doesn't get too boring in the massage promo, after a few months you have the opportunity to be invited to business assignments that are even better remunerated, but are also a little more strenuous.
You can also join us full-time. To do this, however, you need an appropriate masseur training.