"In Hamburg they say goodbye!"

Neck ready!Everyone in Hamburg knows this legendary song by the Hamburg veteran Heidi Kabel. And bye is slowly saying summer and autumn is approaching. The evenings are getting shorter, the nights colder. You like to move closer together - in the evening you can comfortably review the day in a nice location. And what could be nicer than relaxing or letting your body and soul relax for a few minutes?
Exactly where you sit, in the bar at your table or at the counter. Can't you imagine that? But there is! Every week from Wednesday to Saturday are ours Masseurs from neckAttack  in Hamburg's nightlife on the move to give you relaxation means Short massage bring it straight to the bar. Switch off from everyday life for a few minutes while expert hands massage your back and neck. Through the clothes, without any problems. And best of all, you pay what it's worth to you. You will find our teams in the Schanze, Altona or St. Georg, depending on your taste in the evening, because each quarter offers its own flair.