Hot chocolate massage

Chocolate massage

Hot chocolate massageHot chocolate is always good for you, it warms you up inside and brings back childhood memories. The “Hot Chocolate Massage”, on the other hand, warms you up from the outside and is at least as good as a cup of hot cocoa with icing. With one not insignificant difference: with a massage you wash the calories off your hips afterwards, with a hot drink they stay there.


There are, of course, ready-made mixtures in specialist shops that just have to be heated. But if you want to tell your customers with a clear conscience what is in the chocolate (and that the customers are also welcome to lick it!), You better mix the chocolate cream for the massage yourself. You need:

  • cocoa butter
  • shea butter
  • Pure cocoa powder
  • Possibly: odorless oil (almond oil or soybean oil, for example)

Cocoa and shea butter should be used in equal parts, cocoa powder as you wish, until the desired intensity is achieved. The oil may then have to be balanced out if a little more dry cocoa powder has been processed. The ingredients are all heated together and processed. Shea butter and cocoa butter have their melting point below body temperature and therefore remain melted during the entire massage time. If you were to use chocolate bars, it would become crumbly due to hardening during the massage. The sugar contained in bars of chocolate would also make the massage an extremely sticky rather than nourishing experience.


A light-colored massage table or light-colored towels would quickly look shabby with this type of massage. So it is worth investing in a set of chocolate brown towels if you want to offer the hot chocolate massage. In order to additionally protect a light mattress cover, you can also use an incontinence mat from a specialist bed shop. It is important: after the massage, the customer should not get the feeling that he has caused dirt! It also makes sense to put washable, chocolate-colored rugs around the massage table in case something drips. Ideally, the customer should be given the opportunity to shower. If not, enough chocolate-colored guest towels must be available to rub off the chocolate mass well after the massage.

Chocolate massageChocolate massage

The masseur should ensure a chocolaty ambience. Towels, any background music and a matching chocolate scent are part of it. The chocolate massage is a pure one Wellness massage, in the the right ambience plays a big role! The cocoa mass is heated to a maximum of 40 degrees before use. A bottle warmer from the baby accessories is suitable for this, for example. But of course the massage retailer also offers the best accessories here! The chocolate mass is now applied with gentle movements. The masseur should make sure to wear clothing that is as tight-fitting as possible so as not to accidentally stain the client's clothes or other objects with the chocolate cream. The customer should remember the chocolate massage as pleasant - and not as a subsequent fight against chocolate stains on clothing!

ChocolateLicking allowed!

The massage itself is a wellness massage in which gentle, stroking movements should predominate. It is recommended that you only perform a partial body massage. Unless there is an opportunity to shower immediately after using it without leaving chocolate stains on clothing or furnishings. Because of the effort involved, the Hot Chocolate Massage is not well suited to be used as a mobile masseur to offer mobile. If the chocolate cream was made by yourself, you can of course also swallow it after use. But then the chocolate ends up on your hips again - and that should be avoided!

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