Hot Stone Massage

Massage has always proven to be a special form of relaxation, because massage is one of the oldest remedies of mankind and was first used specifically for healing purposes in Chienese medicine in 2600 BC, but it most likely also originated in East Africa. It was not until the 5th century BC that massage came to Europe, for the first time in Greece, and was used for better regeneration of gladiators. There are now many types and forms of massage, subdivided into direct massage, which expresses itself in that the area to be treated is massaged directly and, as a second method, reflective massage, which does not focus on the area to be treated, but on the corresponding surface, which reflects the sick organ. One form of direct massage is the so-called hot stone massage, which has an Asian origin and, as the name suggests, is a massage with heated stones. This hot stone massage is characterized by the use of heated, mostly volcanic lava stones that are placed on the body on specific energy points. These dark, shiny stones have the ability to retain heat for as long as possible. The use of volcanic rock can be traced back to an old tradition of the old Kahuna in Hawaii, who incidentally not only used volcanic stones, but also sticks and pebbles for massage. First, the stones are heated to a temperature of between 60 and 70 degrees Celsius and then rubbed with a special massage oil. Traditionally, Tibetan herbal oil is used. The aim of this massage is to relax the muscles through the warmth of the stones, which penetrates into the deeper regions of the body and thus stimulates blood circulation. The tissue and muscles are supplied with increased blood flow and oxygen and the detoxification of the body is accelerated. A physical and mental balance is also achieved, which leads to increased well-being and more body's own energy. A lot of stress that we experience in everyday life is reduced and physical pain is alleviated. In practice, the body is first rubbed with oil, after which the heated stones are placed on the body's energy points along the painted energy lines from the back to the feet. These energy lines are usually painted on the body with a brush using an Ayurvedic oil, which comes from the Indian art of healing. At the end of the massage, each individual stone is massaged into the appropriate skin area in circular movements and removed. The result is very beneficial and it is not for nothing that the hot stone massage has proven itself as an effective natural remedy in all cultures of the world.

(Author: Roman Martin)