Hollywood in Stuttgart

And no, this is not a headline that is just meant to get attention. The eyes of the film world are currently turning to our capital.

At the moment the renowned 23rd International Festival of Animated Film instead of. From April 26th to May 1st you can see and experience the works of the directors and their teams from all over the world in Stuttgart. 200 films are in competition. They were selected from around 2000 submissions. There were even one or two Oscar winners at the opening gala!

So if you're lucky, you might run into one when you're in town this week. The focal point of the festival is always one of our favorite locations, the "The Theatre". Every evening there is a “sit together” with those responsible for the films that were shown the day before. There is then discussed, talked shop and relaxed. Of course, we can be found there almost every evening to make the evening a highlight for the participants and interested parties. We were also present at the opening ceremony, were able to sniff a little “film air” and drove the tension out of the first guests. It can go that fast ...

How fitting that we just recently met a Batman in town on one of our normal work nights. However, it certainly had nothing to do with the festival.

In the coming days, no one from Stuttgart will be able to get past the animation festival. A huge screen has been set up on Schlossplatz, on which shorter and longer cartoons are shown throughout the day. A big feature film is also scheduled every evening at 20.30 p.m. Normally these are also cartoons, but on Friday April 29th you can enjoy the new "Star Wars”To see there. It recently became the third most successful film of all time after “Titanic” and “Avatar” and is fun for the whole family.

We from "neckattack”Will of course not only be found in“ Le Theater ”, but we will certainly move around the festival area and locations like the“Amadeus", of the "Precious"Or the"California”Pay more visits to relax the stiff neck or to drive the brave ones sitting outside the cold out of the muscles afterwards. Everywhere you look ...

If you are a little informed, you will find that events and smaller events are taking place all over the city, all of which are sure to be a very special experience.

We are looking forward to exciting acquaintances, stimulating conversations, lots of satisfied and relaxed facial expressions and a week full of Hollywood glamor and guests from all over the world - Hollywood in Stuttgart!

Have a look at the festival program. And if you can't take it anymore, just click on "neckattack”Pure and just spontaneously request your masseur or masseuse. With a little luck it will work and we'll be with you in no time.

The coveted trophy

Have a nice and exciting week and hopefully see you soon!

Your Team Stuttgart

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