Hard Rock Cafe Berlin: mobile massage rocks!

Massage Hard Rock Cafe Berlin

Hard Rock Cafe Berlin

50 years of the International Tourism Exchange (ITB) in Berlin! That had to be celebrated with a party! And where does it rock better than in the Hard Rock Cafe Berlin? On March 9.3.2016th, XNUMX there was a hard partying - and against hard muscle tension there was an Australian massage for the guests of the party by our mobile team "Massage Berlin".

Massage Hard Rock Cafe B

Massage and hard rock on Kurfürstendamm

The guests of the ITB party in Hard Rock Cafe on Kurfürstendamm were greeted by pantomime artists at the entrance and greeted with a glass of champagne. Every guest was a VIP and was also given a VIP badge. This is how the real stars have to feel! If you wanted, you could equip yourself with funny wigs and other accessories in order to take funny party photos in the photo box. Our two neckattack masseurs had their place on the ground floor next to the cloakroom - to draw people's attention to the relaxing offer right at the reception.

Party massage in the best of party mood

Massage Hard Rock Cafe BAlthough the neckattack team ” mobile massage Berlin "Had already given a massage at the ITB party last year and is thus more or less a" fixed item on the program ", it took just under an hour until the first party guests relaxed through massage had motivated other guests to accept the massage offer on the ground floor. But then the massage customers spread like wildfire and our two mobile masseurs all had their hands full: the guests were queuing! Nevertheless, every guest received an Australian massage with the same care and time, which provides effective muscle relaxation in just 5-7 minutes of massage over clothing.

Quirky massage requests

The funnier the evening, the funnier the guests' ideas on how to massage. Our mobile masseur Paco probably liked two women particularly well, because they wanted to be massaged by him together at the same time - which also succeeded, because the two friends were slim enough to share a chair. Another party guest asked for a "double massage" from both masseurs at the same time and balanced his narrow buttocks on two chairs. Guests and masseurs had a whole evening of fun, so everyone hopes that this event will take place again next year. Thanks also to the team of the Hard Rock Cafe Berlin, who supported both masseurs with photos and let them celebrate after their work was done!

Massages for other events

Even if it doesn't have to be tough or no rock is played, our masseurs can be booked for any event in Berlin (also throughout Germany), call or email is enough. We are happy to advise! 08003 380 380 or hello@neckattack.net.

Photos: http://www.hardrock.com/cafes/berlin/ , neckattack