Full body massage Hamburg | at home or in the studio?

Full body massage Hamburg

Massages are as old as humanity itself. Their beneficial effects have always been known. Sitting in the office for long periods of time, working on a computer screen, repetitive motion sequences at work, physical work, sporting activities, Stress and mental strain as well as many other indications speak in favor of regularly rewarding your own body with a full body massage - and not only in Hamburg.

Full body massage Hamburg

Massages in Hamburg - wellness and spa feeling

Switch off, relax, enjoy - body and mind benefit from a treatment. The  the various positive effects of massage are far-reaching  - more on that later. As a highlight for a wellness day at home or as an office massage in Hamburg. Whether Altona or Mitte, Buxtehude or Ahrensburg; we are your experts for your massage in Hamburg and the surrounding area!

Effects of massage

A massage works on several levels, its indications are diverse. Our western lifestyle demands a lot from our own body. A computer workstation is seldom set up in an ergonomically optimal way; this is especially true for mostly improvised desks in the home office.

Benefits of massage

  • Wellness for muscles and the musculoskeletal system
  • Mobilization with massages
  • stress reduction
  • Strengthening the immune system with massages

Wellness for muscles and the musculoskeletal system

Our body is a real wonder with over 600 muscles that work hard for us every day. Whether long meetings or concentrated work on the screen - just a few minutes in the wrong sitting posture can cause tension (myoglosis). The result: headache, back pain, malaise.

Mobilization with massages

Just a few minutes of regular treatments and professional massage are beneficial for mobilizing the musculoskeletal system and muscles. Muscular tension is effectively treated, blood circulation is promoted, joints are mobilized. That is pure wellness and relaxation!

Massage in Hamburg - stress reduction

Typical symptoms for a large part of the population - not only in Hamburg! - are the physical and psychological reactions to high loads and constant stress. High blood pressure, insomnia, inner restlessness and physical complaints can put a strain on everyday life. A few minutes of time out with a full body massage ensure wellness and reduce stress symptoms sustainably - Regular treatment relaxes the body, mind and soul.

Strengthening the immune system with massages

By stimulating the blood circulation and the lymphatic system, the metabolism of the body is stimulated. Slags and metabolic end products are flushed out, the immune system is strengthened. The focus is not only on wellness and relaxation, but also on the holistic health of the body.

Classic full body massage Hamburg

In contrast to the pain pill, a massage lets the body and mind immerse in relaxing and beneficial minutes of time out. The focus is on depending on the indication. The traditional classic full body massage takes every part of the body into account, and hot stone massage or Thai massage are extremely beneficial treatments.

Thai Massage

The traditional Thai massage uses special techniques that target tension. With elements of acupressure and reflex zone treatment, the Thai massage is ideal to pamper the back and the entire body when there is strong tension. The Thai massage is also very suitable for blockages or tension headaches.

Hot Stone Massage

The hot stone massage focuses on the relaxation of the musculoskeletal system and soul. Warmed stones are placed on the back and used for massage. The body comes to rest.

Office massage

The office massage is absolutely beneficial and beneficial for the indications that everyday work on the screen and at the desk entails. Above all, the shoulder, neck and upper back areas are addressed and provide lasting relief from symptoms of tension.

Are there any disadvantages to a massage?

Our masseurs are experts in their field. Whether full body massage, mobile massage, Thai massage or much more - we cater to our customers in Hamburg individually. With a few minutes of relaxation and wellness in everyday life and used regularly, the massage is a short vacation for body and mind.


Contraindications to massage can be:

  • acute inflammation
  • Colds or infectious diseases
  • Skin disorders

Who is the massage suitable for?

In a nutshell: the massage is suitable for everyone. It's not always time to relax in the spa. The solution: An individually booked appointment for time out at home or at work. Our specialists consider your individual requirements and recommend the appropriate treatment, for example the Thai massage or full body massage.

Wellness and spa feeling in Hamburg

It's actually an open secret: a regular visit to the spa is for wellness and wellbeing. But hand on heart: a busy schedule and other priorities often prevent us from taking care of ourselves and our health. But why not bring the spa at home or at work? The advantages:

  • time savings
  • individual treatments
  • a large selection of treatment options (Thai massage, office massage, etc.)
  • highly specialized staff

How does the massage work?

Before the treatment, the practitioners take a few minutes to select the appropriate focus. From the massage of the face to the full body massage to the Thai massage or office massage, suitable and individual treatments are selected.

Healthy lifestyle for wellness and wellbeing

Lots of exercise in the fresh air, adequate sleep, a healthy diet and stress reduction are essential pillars for performance and health. With massage treatments as a simple and effective means, a healthy lifestyle can be excellently supported.

Prices in Hamburg

Our price-performance ratio is in the advantageous range for Hamburg - we look forward to advising you individually with questions and suggestions.

Massage for every occasion

Are you planning a highlight for your trade fair event or do you want to select a special incentive for your employees? Are you looking for the perfect gift idea for a loved one? Would you like to treat yourself and your loved ones to something special and regularly take time for yourself and your health?

Mobile service in Hamburg

Our mobile service in Hamburg is the perfect offer for you. We come directly to your home, office or to your event  anywhere in Hamburg. You only take a few minutes to book suitable appointments - we will take care of the rest. Please feel free to contact us. Via our website, telephone or e-mail - we are happy to be reached for you (according to GDPR, cookie settings are saved accordingly when you accept).

We come to you - and you enjoy your personal massage. Whether Thai massage, back massage, full body massage or much more - choose your personal appointment in Hamburg and book your time out!


Neckattack is your expert for professional massages in Hamburg and every major city in Germany, for example Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Hanover, Frankfurt or Düsseldorf. There is only one thing left for you to do: Pick up the phone, choose a massage, enjoy and start the rest of the day relaxed! Book your appointment in Hamburg now - we look forward to seeing you!

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