Full body massage Frankfurt | 2 surprisingly popular types of massage in Frankfurt

Full body massage Frankfurt

full body massage Frankfurt 300 woman lightWhen everyday life in Frankfurt demands full commitment, there is nothing better than enjoying a moment of relaxation with a massage and just letting your mind wander. Big city dwellers in Frankfurt am Main in particular often lack the time to do something good for their body and mind and to consciously take care of their health. But the Experience shows that massages contribute significantly to relaxation and health promotion, especially in hectic everyday life can. What our ancestors already knew will apply more than ever in 2021.


Many people in Frankfurt suffer from tension and pain due to stress, incorrect posture at work or too little exercise. Problems in the back, headaches, a tense neck and shoulder area are her constant companions.

Massages are a tried and true holistic means to relieve tension in the muscles and to bring body and mind into harmony. Customers who regularly enjoy the treatment of a massage and thus create wellness moments in everyday life, consciously take the time to relax and accept that  Letting go is important for your balance  at a hunt.

One type of massage for the whole body is that Hot Stone Massage. With the hot stone massage, the blood circulation is stimulated by the warmth of the hot basal stones, giving you an incomparable wellness and spa atmosphere.

Another The traditional Thai massage in Frankfurt is a very popular type of massage. The Thai massage is not a classic massage from the spa and wellness area. The tense muscles are effectively loosened by strong grips, kneading, pressing and stretching different parts of the body.

This type of massage stresses and relaxes the entire body.

Benefits of Thai massage / hot stone massage

  • Relaxation in everyday life
  • Health promotion
  • Loosening of the muscles
  • Reducing stress

Cons of Thai massage / hot stone massage

As a natural method of relaxation, massages are inherently risk-free. If customers have health restrictions, the doctor must be consulted in advance and the masseur must be informed of this prior to the treatment. Particular caution applies to existing pregnancy, circulatory disorders, heart problems and diseases of the lymphatic system.

Thai massage / hot stone massage in Frankfurt: who is it for?

The Thai massage in Frankfurt is ideal for everyone who has pain in the back, loosens the muscles in the neck and legs and wants to relax their body. But also those who want to experience a spa moment and wellness are very welcome and can look forward to a great treatment. The popular Thai massage in Frankfurt is definitely a top choice.

Process of the massage in Frankfurt am Main

With a massage in Frankfurt you can choose between a partial body massage or a massage of the whole body, e.g. Thai massage. With a partial body massage, you can have individual areas such as shoulders, head and neck massaged. When massaging the entire body, all areas are massaged, with the genital area being spared.

For the latter option, lie down on a comfortable massage table that the masseur brings with him when he visits. Massages of the entire body are carried out directly on the skin with pleasantly smelling oil. Before the Thai massage, please speak openly with your masseur if you do not want to treat body regions. He will accept your request in any case and create an atmosphere in which you can trust him and relax.

Massage as a mobile service in Frankfurt am Main

In Frankfurt there are numerous physiotherapy practices, as well as spa and massage studios with fixed opening times. They are particularly common in Frankfurt's city center. Massages for the entire body, especially the Thai massage, are also offered as a mobile service in Frankfurt.

The masseur simply comes to the customer so that he can relax and have a massage at the agreed location and enjoy his spa experience. As a result, customers are not bound by opening times or specific locations and can make an individual appointment for the treatments. This eliminates the need to visit a massage studio, which is often difficult to integrate into the packed day.

So you can experience wellness and spa in your desired environment in Frankfurt am Main, relax and enjoy the fact that the moment of well-being is not interrupted by a drive home.

Overview of advantages

  • Temporal flexibility
  • Anywhere
  • Treatments on site
  • No waiting


The service of a mobile massage does not bring the customer any disadvantages.

Conclusion - massage in Frankfurt am Main

A massage in Frankfurt is that  ideal opportunity to do something good for yourself and to promote your health . For everyone who wants to enjoy wellness and spa and has little time for it, a mobile Thai massage and other types of massages for the whole body are a top choice. No more cumbersome visits to the massage practice, no more inflexible opening times. Take your well-deserved break and relax and bring your body and soul back into harmony.

Neckattack has also been offering mobile Thai massage in Frankfurt for over 15 years. Trust our many years of experience. You can choose your massage from the categories on our website.

Please contact us and make an appointment. Please fill out our contact form and write to us by email hello@neckattack.net or call us on 08003 380 380. Your inquiry is very welcome, we look forward to hearing from you!

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