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Foot reflexology massage Vienna

Sporty and nature-loving people feel right at home in Austria's capital Vienna. The city is not only known for its cultural sights, but also for the wonderful city hiking trails at an altitude of 240 km. Vienna's recreational areas and the Vienna Woods on the outskirts invite you to hike, cycle and linger.

But the fact that we are on the move often creates a problem for our feet, which carry us faithfully through life. Feet are connected to all organs of the body via energy and nerve pathwaysso that tension can have a negative impact on health and general well-being. For  ultimate relaxation and new life energy  provides the foot reflex zone massage. Find out here how it works and what exactly you can expect from it.

Origin and effect

The foot reflex zone massage was developed at the beginning of the 20th century by the doctor William Fitzgerald, who divided the human body into 10 symmetrically arranged zones, which run through the feet and contain reflex points. According to his understanding Feet represented the physical complaints as a kind of map the human. Reflexology is a specific type of general reflexology. The knowledge about the different areas of the foot and the effectiveness of foot reflexology later migrated from England to Germany and has been passed on since 1967 in Hanne Marquardt's training center.

By assuming that our feet are connected to all organs of the body, their condition can say something about the overall picture of health and thus also indicate diseases or disorders in the body. With the help of reflex zone massage blockages can be resolved and discomfort alleviated. The loosening of the tissue allows the energy to flow through the body again, so that the foot reflex zone massage can unfold its effect on both a physical and a mental level.

The soothing massage on the reflex points of the feet is used for the following problems:

  • tension
  • joint pain
  • headache
  • Spine problems
  • sleep disorders
  • Migraine
  • indigestion
  • colds
  • Cycle troubles

In addition to relieving pain and other ailments, the massage of the foot reflex zones stimulates blood circulation and the beneficial relaxation increases physical and mental well-being. In addition, the treatment activates the body's self-healing powers, so that allergies can also be reduced.

Reflexology - Who Is It For?

A foot reflex zone massage is basically suitable for everyone, as it is completely painless. If you already have complaints or just do something good for your health preventively you are spot on with this massage. The gentle pressure on different parts of the foot has a wonderfully relaxing effect.

It is advisable to eat only a small amount of light food before the treatment, as the digestive process could possibly inhibit the effectiveness of the massage. Also should be the foot reflexology be carried out regularly for chronic painso that you can help in the long term.

In some circumstances or illnesses, a foot reflexology massage is not recommended. For example, in high-risk pregnancies, acute inflammations, infections accompanied by fever, rheumatism, fungal infestation, arthrosis in the foot and psychoses. Before starting a treatment, please make sure to talk to your doctor and inform your massage therapist.

How does the massage work?

Before starting the foot reflexology therapy, the therapist first draws up an anamnesis. The massage patient then goes into a comfortable position on a massage table or couch so that the therapy can begin. During the massage, the masseur performs so-called toning and sedating grip techniques .

Toning handles create a resonance reflex by activating and stimulating certain organs. The pressure exerted on the feet varies and thus affects the intensity of the organ reflexes. Sedative grips are mainly used to treat pain and have a beneficial and calming effect at the same time. The masseur presses points on the top of the foot and the soles of the feet until the pain subsides. Another great effect is that the massage and blood circulation in the feet create a cozy warmth that automatically relaxes you.

To support the massage itself and the state of health, depending on the problems in an area or illnesses, certain oils are used to treat the Promote healing or relief process can. Sage or peppermint oil helps with colds, for example. A foot reflexology massage usually lasts between 20 and 45 minutes. In the case of severe symptoms, it is also advisable to carry out several treatments a week so that the massage can have a positive effect on improving the state of health.

Foot reflex zone massage as a mobile service

Many now think that in their hectic everyday life there is no time to visit a massage studio or practice. For people with a very tight schedule, the solution is: mobile reflexology!

Therefore the masseur comes to the place where you are at the moment and from there you can comfortably carry out the treatments. So you don't even have to organize a time-consuming and stressful journey and can relax and enjoy your break. Treat yourself to exclusive moments of wellbeing in the comfort of your own home and let all of your blockages for you more life energy to solve.

Neck attack has been offering mobile reflex zone massages and many more at its Vienna location for many years. Do yourself something good again and please make an appointment.


Vienna offers a variety of opportunities to actively work out in nature and enjoy moments of wellbeing for body and soul. A reflexology massage is ideal for all health conscious people for prevention and those looking to alleviate pre-existing problems as well Balance and relaxation in stressful everyday life search.

The knowledge that Fitzgerald and Marquardt came across decades ago and passed it on is still used today with great pleasure by masseurs, physiotherapists and alternative practitioners due to its high effectiveness. Because the division into zones has proven to be a good indicator for certain problems of the respective organs and reflexology as effective technique to help patients effectively and in the long term.

If you don't have the time for a foot reflexology massage in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the mobile service is the perfect solution, where you don't have to miss anything despite the lack of time. You can easily make an appointment for your medical massage so that your energies can flow freely through your body again. Feet not only carry us through our whole life and heroically go along with everything -  above all they are the mirror of our state of health which is why we should approach them again and again with mindfulness and attention.

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