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The foot reflex zone massage is one of the alternative healing methods and is a form of treatment that is mostly used in the wellness sector due to its therapeutically undetectable effect. It is assumed that the massage at the various reflex points of the feet can complement the usual healing methods in circulatory disorders and in pain therapy. The aim, however, is to produce a general improvement in the patient's sense of wellbeing. The so-called reflex zones on which this form of massage is based are specific areas in the foot area that reflect the various organs and muscle groups in the body. Such reflex zones should, purely hypothetically, be in reflex interaction with the organs of the body, and thus become therapeutically as well as diagnostically tangible. Reflexology therapy is closely related to the idea of ​​traditional Chinese medicine. The reflex zones are allegedly connected to meridians by energy channels, for which there is no scientific evidence. The development of today's reflex zone massage goes back to William Fitzgerad (1872 - 1942), an American doctor who, in addition to conventional medicine, was also interested in the healing methods of the Native Americans. Even the Indians were familiar with the idea of ​​reflexive connections in connection with pressure treatment.
William Fitzgerald took advantage of this idea and developed the first reflex zone therapy. The therapy later came to Germany and has been taught here by Hanne Marquardt since 1967 based on his model.


With the foot reflex zone massage, the body regions and areas are divided as follows: The left foot represents the left, the right foot the right half of the body. In addition, each foot is divided into small areas that are each connected to an organ. A massage in certain regions should therefore have a positive effect on the respective organ. In general, it can be said that such a massage has a relaxing effect on the patient and increases blood flow. In addition, the body's defenses should be activated. If you want, you can also have a deep tissue massage performed in the area of ​​the foot.

Description of the foot reflexology massage

With a foot reflexology massage, the entire foot is massaged in addition to the sole of the foot. The masseur uses special grip techniques. The strength of such a massage depends individually on the patient. The grip techniques of deep tissue massage can also be incorporated. The deep tissue massage targets the deeper muscle strands.

application areas:

In principle, this form of massage, just like the deep tissue massage, is suitable for all people who are under stress in everyday life. The well-being is increased. A foot reflexology massage is generally used for sleep disorders, stress, pain, gastrointestinal problems and metabolic diseases.
Such a massage is not recommended for diseases of the legs such as blood vessel diseases, severe foot problems, infectious diseases and high-risk pregnancies.


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