Financial tips for masseurs when starting their own business

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Financial tips

Financial tips

An own massage practice is the dream of many masseurs. Get out of the job and into self-employment! Open a massage practice where you can finally realize your ideas and experiences! Or the establishment of a mobile massage service to offer customers more flexibility? Starting your own business as a masseur is not as easy as you might think. The financial must be well planned. Here we give important financial tips for everyone who is about to start their own business.

Think of all the consequences

Before you take the plunge into the deep end of your own business, you really have to realize that life will change completely. No more paid vacation, no more sick pay. Being self-employed also means doing everything yourself, all the time. As an employee, you are protected at all times, you are entitled to vacation and can go to bed when you are sick. As a self-employed person Masseur you can only afford this luxury to a very limited extent. Because money only flows when you work. If you are sick or on vacation, this is expensive because the income is lost, but the running costs in addition to the costs of the vacation trip continue to run. On the other hand, you are almost completely free to organize your time and can, for example, go on vacation spontaneously when it suits you. As an employee, you get the customers "delivered" by the boss, as it were, as an independent masseur you have to take care of customer acquisition yourself. And that can be very tough, especially at the beginning.

Financial tips 2Create a business plan

That sounds like a big business enterprise, but it is absolutely necessary to start a business. Financial matters are also explained in the business plan and calculated: At what price should the massage be offered? It is also important to plan now which advertising measures you are planning, because no business will be known by itself. After all the calculations and figures, the crucial question then comes: How high is the capital required and where does the money come from? One should never count one's finances nicely! But always count on the highest amount in order to be financially prepared for (almost) all eventualities. You should also keep in mind that you have to reckon with a start-up phase in which the massage practice or the mobile massage does not carry by itself. During this time, you need previously formed reserves that you can then fall back on. So it is not allowed to invest everything in material, renovation and rent deposit! Many running costs also have to be covered. In addition, there are your own living costs and retirement provisions, which you now have to take care of yourself (and that absolutely!). Only with a convincing business plan is the chance of getting a loan from the bank to start your own business!

Liquidity comes before profitability

A great many start-ups do not go bankrupt because the business model did not work or the competition was too strong, but rather because there are liquidity problems. The self-employed are not able to pay the short-term liabilities from bills, material costs, etc. No matter how good the order situation is, if you run out of money it doesn't look good. Therefore, a previously determined and well-calculated part of the monthly profit should always and absolutely not flow into your own wallet, but into the business account and remain there for precisely such cases! Anyone who starts with a reserve of EUR 0 is taking a very big risk!

Financial tips 1Don't forget the tax office!

Many start-ups underestimate or forget the tax office in their calculations. Not all money that ends up in your own business account is your own! From this you have to deduct the sales tax paid by customers, the income tax and, for example, the trade tax. You should always have enough money available in your business account for these payments. In the case of the self-employed, the money in the account is not completely “mine”, but only the “gross income”, from which you not only have to pay the tax, but also the health insurance and possibly other insurance


Anyone planning to use mobile massage or their own massage practice To start your own business, you should know one thing above all else: in the long term, you have to earn significantly more per month than you need to live. You have to make sure that you earn more in good and normal times in order to have reserves for bad times. And don't forget that times can change. So don't just start acquiring customers and building up reserves at the last second when money is running out!

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