Holidays 2014 - wellness on vacation: wellness hotels

wellness-vacation-hotelsPart 1: Wellness vacation for beginners - wellness hotels

Experienced early bookers plan it months in advance: the annual vacation. But not every all-inclusive trip to Spain is relaxing. Make 2014 your health year and start planning your vacation. Wellness and health programs, either individually put together or as a package, help you to really relax on vacation. We will show you what you have to consider.

For wellness holiday beginners, wellness hotels are particularly suitable for relaxing holidays. They offer a large selection of programs from various wellness areas without extensive program planning having to be made in advance. Depending on the season, location and additional offers, the costs for an overnight stay vary between 100 and 400 euros per person in a double room.

But be careful! “Wellness hotel” is not a protected term. In order to make it easier for you to search for reputable providers, the DWV (German Wellness Association) has made a database of certified international wellness hotels, holiday clubs and other professional members accessible online (between 600 and 1.500 test criteria):

A good wellness hotel should offer, among other things:

The acronym comes from Latin and stands for "Sanus Per Aquam" (health through water). This area includes swimming pools, hot and cold water pools and saunas.

Relaxation and stress management methods
This category includes, for example, massage, autogenic training and meditation, but also progressive muscle relaxation, tai chi, yoga and the like.

In addition to classic fitness equipment, this also includes offers such as yoga, Pilates, aquafitness and spinning (indoor cycling)

Since the basis of every healthy lifestyle is a healthy diet, balanced vitality cuisine is part of the standard program of every wellness hotel.

Which wellness hotels can you recommend? Are there any special programs you can report on? We look forward to your entry here on our blog.