Bad posture caused by smartphones: the "cell phone neck"

Cellphone nape

Cellphone napeThe daily use of smartphones and tablets has created a new form of poor posture: the so-called "cell phone neck". It occurs when the smartphone or tablet is used for a long time during the day and the muscles receive little compensation from other movements.

Tremendous strain on the muscles

An adult's head weighs between 3,2 and 4,1 kilograms, depending on the person's gender and size. Normally the head is carried by the spine when walking, standing or sitting upright; the muscles only stabilize it. Due to its very high center of gravity, only a slight inclination of the head means a significantly greater burden on the back and its muscles. If you tilt your head by only 15 degrees, you exert a pulling force of around 13 kilos on your muscles and spine. The further the head is tilted, the greater the load. In the typical posture in which you look at your smartphone or tablet, your head is tilted around 60 degrees - an unbelievable load of around 30 kilos! So that the head does not fall on the chest, the muscles counteract this and can become overexerted, tense and hardened. Young users in particular have a daily use of up to four hours - long enough to cause damage through this poor posture.

Mobile phone nape health risk

Cellphone napeIn the long term, any bad posture causes consequential damage. In the case of a mobile phone attack, this can be:

  • headache
  • neck pain
  • sleep disorders
  • Disc damage
  • Tendon and bursitis in
  • Overstretched neck muscles
  • Shortened chest muscles

Damage and health risks that are self-inflicted and are so easy to prevent!

Prevention with simple tricks

Those who sit all day for work and only let their heads wander between the keyboard and screen increase their risk of “negotiating” consequential damage through the use of smartphones and tablets. You should therefore generally get up about every half an hour, take an upright posture and gently stretch your head in all directions. Be who smartphone or uses a tablet intensively, you should get used to a more upright head position and change position more often - for example, when making calls, switch from right to left ear. Sport that does not put strain on the neck and does not overstretch the back is also a good balance and an ideal preventive measure. The simplest trick against the development of a cell phone crack is: just switch off!

First tip, smartphone to your head - and not your head to the smartphone. Instead of looking down, it makes sense to hold the smartphone 30-40 degrees higher in order to maintain an erect cervical spine despite use.

Restrict use - the ”smartphone neck” is not the only “secondary disease” that our popular mobile phone brings with it. Orthopedic surgeons also report on the new disease pattern "SMS thumb" which describes heavy wear and tear on our thumb joint as well as general postural damage to the entire spine.

Functional training - Be it in your gym or with your physiotherapist, training the upright posture as well as functional training prevents some diseases and has many advantages. It's never too late for proper training!

Massage - of course, a massage should not be missing to loosen the heavily stressed muscles in the shoulder neck area a little. We are of course at your disposal and offer you ours Mobile massage at your workplace, event or one of your favorite bars.

Cell phone neck treatment

Cellphone napeIf the “child fell into the well” and any prevention came too late, it is important to alleviate the symptoms and to work on yourself so that the cell phone not only heals but also does not recur. This requires a certain amount of self-control, which not everyone can muster. Pain in the head, neck, back, and shoulders, so a massage serves well. There are already providers who explicitly offer massages that help against smartphone complaints. “Relax with no Apps” is one such offer, which requires the smartphone to remain switched off for the duration of the massage. A mobile massage that specifically takes care of the muscles affected by the "neck of the cell phone" is also ideal.


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