Event idea: outdoor massage

Especially in summer it is advisable to move the massage outdoors. The outdoor massage is ideal not only in everyday life in the (mobile) massage practice, but also as a highlight of a wellness event, a massage practice, a cosmetic studio or daySpa or to advertise a wellness hotel or sauna. Read how here!

Outdoor massage

Who doesn't dream of a massage that doesn't just involve the hands of the Masseurs, but also gentle, warm summer wind caressing the skin? A massage in which the sounds of nature do not come from the tape, but from nature itself? The chirping of birds, the rustling of the wind in the trees, the chirping of the crickets in the grass ... Who does an outdoor massage not remind of vacation dreams of Caribbean beaches and luxury? With an outdoor massage in summer you have the opportunity to win new customers and to pamper existing customers with something new and special.


The (transportable) massage table should be placed in such a way that it cannot be seen from the outside. Paravents or converted party pavilions are suitable as privacy screens. The roof of the pavilion provides protection from the sun and provides shade, the ugly side walls can easily be replaced with fluttering, light strips of fabric (inexpensive yard goods from the Swedish furniture store). These curtains protect from prying eyes, too much wind or sun and immediately spread a relaxing South Sea flair. Instead of a party pavilion, simple sun sails are also suitable for providing shade. With just a few decorative elements, a large balcony in a massage practice can also be redesigned.

Outdoor massage 1Outdoor event

If there is more space available, for example in the garden or on a green area Hotels, a "wellness event" can also be organized, in which several such "massage islands" or "massage tents" are prepared. In this way, several customers can enjoy the relaxing pleasure of an outdoor massage at the same time. Outdoor bathtubs such as “hot tubs” come into question as additional offers: wooden barrels that are heated with wood and can be rented. As a supplement to the event program, yoga courses, gymnastics lessons, cosmetic applications and catering made from healthy, fresh ingredients can round off the offer. Of course also outdoors! Prepared and followed up accordingly in the local press, such events are well suited to attracting new customers with relatively simple means.

Outdoor massage as part of an event

An outdoor massage is also ideal as part of an event, such as a sports event. If you build your massage “tent” as part of a Sporting event clearly visible with waving towels, the equipment alone advertises itself. A massage table under a parasol would look under.

Also as part of a wedding, anniversary or one company party An outdoor massage is an opportunity to offer guests a special break.

Outdoor massage 2Mobile massage outdoor?

As a mobile masseur you can also offer your services outdoors in good weather. Perhaps the customer has a balcony or a terrace, perhaps also a secluded garden in which the mobile massage can take place? Any place where a mobile massage table can safely stand is possible! How about basically suggesting an outdoor massage to clients in summer? Assuming good weather! Wellness massages in particular complement each other particularly well with nature, good weather and outdoors. An outdoor massage awakens that holiday feeling and offers the greatest possible relaxation - if the conditions (privacy screen etc.) are right!

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