Ergonomic tips for office workplaces

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(Source: Federal Statistical Office - “The service sector is the economic engine in Germany
Selected results from 2003 to 2008 ")

Every second of us is affected

Half of all German employees work sitting down. Today's job descriptions require concentration and multitasking - a mixture that can lead to extreme tension, which in the worst case can damage body, mind and soul in the long term.


The resulting potential clinical pictures such as migraines, chronic back problems and concentration disorders not only reduce the quality of life of the employees concerned, but often lead to increased illness rates and declining work performance. It is obvious that this also causes considerable economic damage for the companies concerned.

In the following blog entry we will show you, as an entrepreneur, how you, as an entrepreneur, can use simple means to effectively prevent healthier workplaces and thus achieve even more economic success.

Forced postures

At workplaces that are associated with constrained postures (sales, advice, customer service, etc.), regular breaks should be observed. Certain ones are suitable during these breaks Relaxation and stretching exercises, for the neck area, the back and the intervertebral discs to compensate for the constant strain. Plan common, regular movement exercises in the company. Take part yourself as a manager or entrepreneur, this increases the incentive for healthy workplaces.

Dynamic sitting

Enable dynamic sitting. Alternative seating utensils such as seat balls, seat cushions and wedge cushions force a permanent interplay of the muscles. Symptoms of fatigue due to one-sided postures can largely be avoided. In addition, the blood circulation in the brain is promoted, which can lead to an improved ability to concentrate.

VDU workstations

Screens should be able to move freely on the table surface and be adjustable in incline. This is the only way to stop reflections and make personal adjustments, which in turn can lead to a reduction in one-sided stress. Not only for older employees are for the close range as well as for the middle range

Visual aids displayed. There are certain VDU workstation glasses set for the main viewing area. Get advice from an optician who specializes in this field. With the right glasses, for example, migraines with accompanying neck tension can be eliminated.


If you have a company doctor and / or an occupational safety specialist in your company, let us advise you on how you can avoid ergonomic stress.

Of course, Neckattack will support you with your preventive measures. You can find more about prevention, fir at work and mobile massage on our Website.

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Do you have your own ergonomic tips for office workplaces? We look forward to your contribution on our blog