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The fascinating metropolis on the Neckar is a stronghold of the automotive industry, center of culture and science and is considered to be  Pearl of the southwest of Germany . Mercedes and Porsche made the city known far beyond its national borders. But Stuttgart is much more than its auto industry. Surrounded by a beautiful landscape, the city is protected in the valley and enchants with its many castles and museums. Extensive parks invite you to stroll and relax. Swabian cuisine is interpreted internationally in the restaurants and street cafes.

For many, Stuttgart is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This is not only due to Daimler-Benz, but above all to savoir-vivre. Mobile massage Stuttgart, Wellness and relaxation can be enjoyed here in peace and quiet in the spa and sauna. Everyone will find their favorite spot in the top 10.


7000 square meters of top-class wellness await those looking for relaxation right in front of the city. The little break is here between  spacious sauna and relaxation areas  to travel around the world. The steam baths and bathing areas are designed according to countries and cultures.

If you are looking for a little break in between, this is the right place for you and you can indulge yourself between an oriental steam bath, a Finnish sauna and a Caribbean bathing lagoon. In the adventure shower grottoes, you can easily switch to relaxation mode with colors, scents and alternating water jets.

In the AlpenSPA you feel like you are in the mountains in a private atmosphere with whirlpool tub and infrared heating chamber, in the Tibetan meditation sauna all fans of Asian relaxation techniques get their money's worth. Culinary well-being is ensured with just as much variety, so that nothing stands in the way of a wellness holiday in the afternoon.


ManuMana offers pure relaxation with various massage techniques in lovingly furnished rooms in Stuttgart-Süd. Here you can leave the stress of everyday life behind and take a deep breath under gentle grips. ManuMana offers from Hawaiian massage to Molokai, a reflex zone massage that is performed on hands and feet, to strengthening Thai yoga massage  Wellness offers that awaken life energy  and support a healthy lifestyle.

With the singing bowls all senses are captured, expectant mothers experience the beneficial effects of a Kauai, a pregnancy massage from Hawaii that specifically caters to their needs. With a Lomi-Lomi massage you feel free from all blockages, both physically and mentally. Anyone who would like to have an individual massage in a personal atmosphere in order to feel good from the neck to the tips of their toes will find helping hands at ManuMana.

Ruanthai Spa

You can treat yourself to a few hours of relaxation with wellness and cosmetic treatments in the Ruanthai Spa.  Wellness and beauty  are the pillars on which the traditional spa is founded. Those who want to escape the pressures of everyday life will find a place here and will leave the house strengthened.

The aesthetic furnishings, the high-quality oils and herbs and the certified masseuses ensure well-being. Even the smallest clients are massaged professionally here. Baby massage has a long tradition in Thailand and has long been valued in Europe for its long-term health-promoting and calming effects. Hot stone and partner massage appeal to all the senses and awaken the spirits even on cloudy days.

LuxFit wellness

LuxFit Wellness welcomes you in a generous and luxurious manner in the private spa. The location offers wellness of all stripes, sauna landscape, pool and whirlpool. Fitness and relaxation come together here. 200 square meters of comfort zone are available for a short break from everyday stress or a whole day of wellness. In the pool area you can swim your laps and gain fitness and a counter-current system provides the necessary resistance if you wish. Hustle and bustle is a foreign word in the sauna. If you close your eyes, you can feel the pores widen in the warm and humid atmosphere, the herbal infusions refresh the lungs, the body gently glides into the feel-good mode, clear cold water cools you down and gets your circulation going at full speed. With a little wellness you start the day lively.

Lomi Lomi Stuttgart

Anyone standing in front of the Mercedes-Benz Arena or visiting Solitude Palace will hardly believe that Hawaii is just around the corner, but Lomi-Lomi gives you that holiday feeling instead of the big city bustle. The focus here is on the individual and you can feel that from the very first moment. The power of traditional Hawaiian treatment brings relaxation, energy and a new zest for life. Worries fly away, body and mind relax, with an “Aloha!” You go out into the day. Old techniques from different cultures are applied professionally, relieve blockages in the shoulder and neck area, stimulate the meridians via the reflex zones and bring about a lasting healthy balance. Anyone in Stuttgart can find time for a short trip to Hawaii; he just has to go to Lomi-Lomi. The treatments last between 30 minutes and 3 hours of intensive body work. If you want, you can even learn to fly here and bring body and mind into balance while flying.

Jasmine 2 Day Spa 

Jasmin 2 Day promises rest, health, relaxation and enjoyment in 3 branches. Traditional forms of wellness from Southeast Asia are professionally applied in a sophisticated atmosphere. All masseuses have completed training in the traditional Thai way. The intensive and at the same time gentle massaging of problem areas relieves tension in the muscles, strengthens the tissue and stimulates the circulation through increased blood flow. Acupressure, elements of yoga and modern western wellness culture combine to create a soothing pampering program.

Health care and beauty care, stress reduction and reactivation offer lasting wellness at the highest level. In the Heusteigviertel, in Stuttgart West and East, you can enjoy wellness and other beauty treatments and then relax in the spacious spa area, in the sauna and in the relaxation room.

Zeppelin Day Spa

You can look far over the roofs of Stuttgart in the Zeppelin Day Spa while gentle hands give you a powerful massage. The luxurious sauna area offers all Stuttgart residents and hotel guests the very best in healthy wellness. The steam bath can be combined with a beauty treatment or a pedicure. Special pampering programs are waiting for HIM and HER. Anti-aging, facials and peeling give you a radiant look. If you want, you can let yourself be pampered for a whole day.

The discreet Zen facility calms the mind and creates a concentrated mood that will stay with you for a long time. If you want a break from everyday life, you can experience a few hours here in the middle of the city as if on vacation, before diving dynamically into the life of the metropolis again.


Wellness with the whole family? Combine sport, adventure and relaxation? Everyone has fun in the Fildorado at the gates of Stuttgart. While the mother is having a massage, the kids can purchase the swimming badge in the children's area. While the father trains strength and endurance during circuit training, the rest of the family can relax and choose between pizza, salmon and French fries. Around 600.000 visitors indulge themselves in the Fildorado every year. You can enjoy the many attractions of the leisure pool and let yourself be pampered in the wellness and beauty area at the same time.
The brave can try the 8 meter high hill slide and record speeds of up to 60 km / h. The ice pillars in the adventure pool are unique in Germany. It is an attractive accessory and at the same time, a technical marvel, is responsible for dehumidifying the halls and heating the wave pool.

float Stuttgart

Float once in the water ... Those who live in Stuttgart don't need to go to the Dead Sea. The effect of being carried can also be experienced in the brine bath. At float Stuttgart you can completely indulge in weightlessness in body-warm water. Physical relief, soothing relaxation of all muscles and a feeling of security caress you. The deep silence has a calming effect on the psyche. Those who then have a massage have booked wellness at a high level: full and partial body massages with aromatic oils or a warming lava shell massage awakens the spirits and gives everyone new strength.

LEUZE mineral bath

Healing springs and brine are the great advantages that distinguish wellness in Stuttgart. The history of the city's great baths goes back to the Romans. Anyone who wants to combine relaxation and quality time with the children will find a mixture of adventure pool and elaborately designed wellness facility at LEUZE. Awarded several times by the Baden-Württemberg Spa Association and the German Saunabund, the LEUZE offers a wide range of leisure and wellness offers, from the mineral water Kneipp facility to water games for children of all ages to solariums and sports fields, which everyone can use with significant added value can.


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