Relaxation in the Gloria Cafébar in Hamburg: neckattack day!

gloria neckattack dayEntspannung in Hamburg

What happens when you turn the premises of an old butcher's shop into a cafe where brewing, drafting and mixing go on until late at night? Then a “café bar” is created, a successful mixture of a cozy café with a sofa corner and a long bar, where delicious drinks and beer are served late at night. And not only thirst, hunger can also be satisfied in Hamburg's “Gloria Cafébar” in an exceptionally delicious way!

Free massage in the Gloria café bar

Am Mittwoch, 27.1.2016 findet der Hamburger neckattack day in der Gloria Cafébar statt! Kommt einfach ab 19 Uhr in die Bellealliancestraße 31-33 und genießt eine kostenlose Massage und dazu einen ebenso kostenlosen Drink? Was Ihr dafür tun müsst? Fast nichts! Einfach die Facebook-Seite mit „gefällt mir“ markieren und über Facebook Eure Teilnahme an der Veranstaltung „neckattack Day Hamburg“ bestätigen. Ladet gleich noch Eure Freunde über Facebook dazu ein, dann entspannt und feiert Ihr alle zusammen! Alle, die kein Facebook haben, melden sich hier ganz einfach über unsere Webseite an: Anmeldung Das ist alles!

The first neckattack day in Hamburg was a complete success! The location in the cozy Gloria Cafebar was perfect, as the masseurs and guests of the neckattack days had their own area there: in the bar, but still a bit shielded from the hustle and bustle, in order to make the relaxation even more perfect for everyone.

Huge interest

neckattack day HamburgOf course, Wednesday, January 27.1.2016th, XNUMX wasn't the best day for mobile Massagen Hamburg, but almost 80 people had registered in advance to celebrate the end of the workday with our masseurs in the Gloria Cafebar and to be pampered with a bar massage. From 19 p.m., two masseurs and our city manager Maximilian Scheer gave massages. Because all of our masseurs had set up their massage chairs, the ambience became even more comfortable and relaxing and the massage more perfect!

Cool drinks from the Gloria Bar

gloria neckattack dayThe nice staff of the Gloria cafe bar provided all registered participants with free sparkling wine "to celebrate the day". Here, too, we would like to thank the Gloria Cafebar and their team for their support! A total of 21 visitors to the bar were massaged until 20 p.m., and they particularly enjoyed the more private atmosphere in the Gloria Cafebar, which is a bit shielded from the rest of the bar. Our three employees received a lot of praise and positive feedback, so that we are all quite sure: that was not the last neckattack day in Hamburg!

Soon also in Elmsbüttel

neckattack day HamburgBisher waren unsere mobilen Masseure Mittwoch bis Samstag ab 21 Uhr hauptsächlich im Schanzenviertel anzutreffen. Demnächst werden aber auch entspannende Barmassagen in Elmsbüttel angeboten, denn beim neckattack day haben wir gelernt: Die Hansestadt Hamburg sehnt sich nach Entspannung am Feierabend zum kühlen Feierabend-Bier an der Bar! An welchen Wochentagen ab wie viel Uhr in welchen Bars und Kneipen unsere mobilen Masseure in Elmsbüttel mit Massage für Entspannung sorgen, geben wir noch rechtzeitig bekannt! Bis dahin steht das Team Hamburg mit insgesamt 28 Wellnessmasseuren und 10 Masseuren bereit, um außerhalb von Hamburgs Bars für Entspannung zu sorgen. Für eine mobile Massage auf einer Messe, im Büro, auf Events – sogar am Flughafen ist immer gesorgt. Auch am Wochenende! Sprechen Sie uns an!

Bar massage on Neckattack Day Hamburg

neckattack day hamburgThe neckattack day is taking place in many German cities at the same time, and everywhere the first 100 who register online can relax wonderfully with a free 5-10 minute bar massage with a free drink! The Hamburg team from neckattack is not only available on neckattack day with a total of 28 wellness masseurs and 10 masseurs to ensure relaxation. A mobile massage at a trade fair, in the office, at events - even at the airport is always provided. And that around the clock and even on weekends! On neckattack day in Hamburg you have the chance to try out for yourself how good a short Australian massage can do!

neckattack day

Wonderfully relaxed after work

Everyone who comes to the Gloria Cafébar for neckattack day from 27.1.2016 p.m. on January 19th, 22 can ring in the evening perfectly and celebrate on Wednesday evening that more than half of the working week has already been done! If you come early, you might get a piece of the homemade cheesecake and a freshly brewed café that envelops the entire premises in a spicy scent. If you come later, you don't have to starve: the kitchen serves delicious warm delicacies until 45:XNUMX p.m., which has something for everyone: The selection ranges from organic, vegetarian, vegan, seasonal and regional to pizza. And of course our team from neckattack day waits until the last guest can enjoy their free massage with a free drink!

If you don't have time on neckattack day, you can get to know and enjoy our bar massage in Hamburg, because we are out and about every week! From Wednesdays to Saturdays we always start at the Schanze at around 21 p.m. and massage our way through the nightlife from there.

Bar massage in Hamburg

When will it be really summer again ?! Rudi Carell's words were true until recently and now we have it, a picture-book summer! Long evenings and mild nights tempt you to relax after work or on the weekend in a bar, sit outside, enjoy the weather, what could be nicer?

How about a short wellness program for your muscles? A short break for the soul. Just exactly where you are sitting, in the middle of the nightlife and yet removed from the world for a few moments. This is not possible? But! ? With the short massage from neckAttack you will be massaged through your clothing for 5-10 minutes, without any problems and directly at your table. And best of all, you pay what it's worth to you.

Whether Schanze, Altona or St. Georg - there is a suitable ambience for everyone. Of course, you can also book us for your office or your events.


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