Relaxation right at the table? mobile massage from neckattack!

Relaxation right at the table

Let yourself be carried away by the mobile massage Stuttgart Massage Dania and Anja. The two neckAttack masseuses offer you the Australian wellness massage directly at the seat. A spontaneous decision that is worthwhile! The neckAttack bar massage is specially designed for sitting down and can be carried out through clothing. The muscles are warmed and relaxed. 10 minutes of relaxation in between will get you ready for the rest of the evening! You will meet Dania and Anja on Thursday at Le Theater, Amadeus, Besitos and Forum 3. Have a nice week!

The last weekend in the meadow olee, Munich is full of tourists and party people who are not only in the beer tent, but also in Schwabing. On Saturday the mobile massage neckattack plunged into the fray, an exhausting but fun evening.
One or the other guest was able to enjoy a little wellness break.
This week you can be back in the city of Munich Have a massage in various bars and restaurants by our mobile masseurs from neckattack. You don't need to go to a massage practice for this, where you probably wouldn't get an appointment so spontaneously anyway ... No, we will massage you directly in the restaurant! You sit relaxed at the table while we stand behind you and massage your clothes for about ten minutes. After the massage, you decide for yourself how much you want to pay for it, depending on what it was worth to you.

Mobile massage Frankfurt

The first snow and frost is here and the cold season has begun. But darkness and cold do not prevent our mobile masseurs from Frankfurt from taking care of your relaxation. There is a massage in Sachsenhausen and on Berger Straße Friday and Saturday from 20.30 p.m. So just sit down with a few friends for a beer or wine. Our masseurs from neckattack will then come to your table and offer you the massage. It is carried out on site through a T-shirt or blouse. You can keep talking or just sit back for 10 minutes and enjoy the relaxing massage. Your shoulder and neck muscles will be loosened and the blood circulation stimulated. And in the end you just pay what the massage is worth to you.

This Wednesday, Thursday and Friday you can look forward to the practiced massage hands of Simon, Cosima, Anja, Helena, Dania and Claudia. The 6 mobile wellness masseurs are out and about for you between 20 p.m. and midnight in the following bars: Amadeus, Felix, Le Theater, Vinum, L'Oasis, Suite, Forum24, Mos Eisley, Enchilada, Kostbar, Marshall and Reiskorn. neckAttack offers you a very relaxing back and neck massage on site at your seat. We massage your clothes as you sit. At the end of the massage you pay what the massage was worth to you personally. We are always happy when people join in on the spur of the moment. Because until now everyone who has been massaged has been very enthusiastic about our service after relaxing. So: give it a try!

Especially in the Pre-christmas time the stress can also be clearly felt in the financial metropolis of Frankfurt am Main - what could be better in such a situation than a relaxing massage from neckAttack. Our team will be happy to come to your Christmas party, regardless of whether it takes place in your company's own premises or in one of the numerous bars and restaurants.
City managers Simon Wolfheimer and Malte Kendel look forward to your request.

But you don't necessarily have to book us separately, because: on our evening bar tours you will be guided through the bars and pubs directly at your place mobile massage Frankfurt massaged.

Mobile massage Stuttgart

Our Stuttgart massage team is growing. Ronja and Nadine have been there for a few weeks now. Now on Saturday, Niki will join us, who will have his first time at neckAttack Stuttgart together with Ronja. You can test his massage in the Amadeus, Le Theater, Mos Eisley or in the suite. But with a bit of luck you will also meet our mobile wellness masseurs Pia, Helena, Siri and Nadine on the other weekend days. During the massage, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy! Then you can reward our masseurs, depending on how good you found the massage! Our idea comes from Australia and has been working perfectly in Stuttgart for 9 years. If you haven't tried it yet, be sure to do it soon!

Mobile massage Munich

Brr in Munich it gets frosty in winter, the more cozy it is in the evening in a nice bar in good company. And to make your evening even more relaxed, the mobile masseuses from neckattack are on the road again this week. You can get a neckattack massage in the neck and shoulder area right at your seat, so just sit and relax, enjoy the atmosphere, drink and above all the super relaxing massage. The Munich masseuses are out and about in Schwabing this Friday, more precisely in the Cocktailhouse, Peaches, Roxy, Bachmaier and Cadu. On Saturday our girls will start twice. You meet Vera and Karoline in Haidhausen at Juleps, Lisboa Bar and Escobar and Lenka and Annegret do a second

A fresh wind is blowing in Stuttgart. Not only the autumn wind, but also our massage team has a new face. Nadine will be pulling around the houses for the first time for neckttack Stuttgart this week with Helena.
We are really excited to see how she will like it and wish her a great start as a mobile wellness masseuse!
But you won't miss out on Wednesday and Thursday either. Helena, Joan and dear Siri, who is back from her well-deserved vacation, are on the road for you to do something good for your neck again!

Let yourself be pampered again from today by our wellness masseuses. With a little luck you can meet us in one of the Stuttgart bars and restaurants and we will bring relaxation right to your table. During the relaxing Short massage feel free to continue to sip your drink, chat or just enjoy it in silence. We warm up your muscles really nicely and provide the necessary relaxation. Leave the stress and everyday life behind you with a mobile massage from neckAttack Stuttgart! You won't believe how well you can relax while sitting! Try it out. In the end you pay exactly the price that the massage was worth to you personally. We have made many people happy, and we plan to make many more happy. So we're looking forward to meeting YOU again this week! : )

Autumn in Hamburg

Midsummer said goodbye to Hamburg this week. Maybe that's a good thing, because a real hamburger needs bad weather now and then to feel good. From now on, in autumn we can only expect temperatures above 20 ° C less often, so be careful not to get a draft when switching from warm to cold!
In any case, we warmly welcome the visitors of the Dockville Festival and the passengers of the Aida and Mein Schiff to the city and invite them - and everyone else too, of course - to treat themselves to a soothing massage in one of our partner restaurants.
This week you will find our mobile masseurs on Friday in Altona and in the Sternschanze and again on Saturday in the Sternschanze.

neckattack Munich has two new faces. After a long time there was another casting on Monday. We are happy to have Lisa and Annegret, both students from Munich, new in our team. Anyone who is curious can get to know the newcomers on the weekend. Karoline, who has been working for neckattack for a few months now, will train the two girls. You can meet Annegret and Karoline in Haidhausen on Friday. You will pamper the guests in the Lisboa Bar, the Esco Bar and the Juleps with a Mediterranean flair. On Saturday Karoline is out and about with Lisa in Schwabing. As every week, the guests in the Bachmaier, in the Cocktailhouse and in the Peaches look forward to a relaxing back / neck massage to end the week appropriately. Where do we meet you

The mobile massage Munich is on the road for you in Schwabing on Thursday. Why not try a wellness massage from neckAttack. Switch off, relax, treat yourself to a break. More and more people are no longer able to cope with a hectic professional life and a changed, fast-paced rhythm of everyday life. You long for well-being, a short break from everyday life. All of these positive sensations can be experienced with a mobile massage in Munich from neckAttack. Massage takes place on site, through clothing. You decide what the massage was worth to you. You can also book our mobile masseurs for your work break, why not try out an office massage. Call us, we look forward to it!

neckattack is just right for every season. The last few weeks our bar masseurs were still out and about and spread that holiday feeling. Unfortunately that is now over. But there are still relaxing evenings! Even now that it is getting cooler neckattack is on the road in Stuttgart to get you in the mood for autumn in a relaxed way.

For example in Le Theater, Felix, Enchilada or Amadeus. Just pick your favorite bar and neckattack will definitely come by!

This week you will meet Helena and Joan on Wednesday and Helena and Hanni on Thursday.

Then it's time for you: lean back and relax!

Mobile massage Hamburg

It's finally that time again: the Christmas markets have opened! And not a day too early, because this week the temperatures are slowly approaching 0 ° C. Is it so wrong to get into the Christmas spirit now? This time comes only once a year, so we should enjoy it while we can.

If you want to top it off while enjoying yourself, you are cordially invited to ambush us in the well-known locations. This week you can find us on Thursday and Friday in the Lange Reihe, Friday in the Sternschanze, and

Munich is massaged

Our team can be found in Munich's bars mobile massage Munich takes place regularly from Wednesday to Saturday.

We start on Leopoldstrasse at 20:00 p.m. From there our teams tour through Munich's nightlife. Meet our neckAttack masseurs and let yourself be enchanted by the Australian massage. With our city manager Silvia Kmetetz you can book our 15 wellness masseurs, masseurs and physiotherapists from morning to evening and on weekends.

This week the mobile massage Düsseldorf again through the old town. In keeping with the cozy Christmas season, you can have a massage with a good coffee or tea, for example in Café Bazzar.

You can still find us in the best bars and restaurants in Düsseldorf, such as the Vente on Burgplatz, the Uel / Schlösser / Lustwandel and Ohme Jupp on the Ratinger.
We look forward to seeing you and the principle - you pay as much as the massage was worth to you - still applies, but of course the masseur is happy to receive an appropriate tip! We are also happy to come to your next party or to your office, contact us!

On the first mild summer evenings, neckattack and the come mobile massage Stuttgart particularly good in downtown Stuttgart. While you enjoy the evening, the air and the cocktail, one of our wellness masseurs will massage you on the spot. And that's so good! Treat yourself to this experience the next time you meet neckattack. Our masseurs are happy to relax your back and neck. And you pay exactly what it was worth to you. neckattack is back in Stuttgart this week from Wednesday to Saturday. There are Simon, Anja, Cosima, Dania, Pia, Joan, Siri and Hanni. We look forward to these evenings and to you!

NeckAttack Stuttgart is busy again this week. Helena, Pia, Simon, Cosima, Maria and Dania rub their hands warm in order to give your neck a warm relaxation. The upper back and shoulder area is also not neglected. Here our mobile wellness masseurs specifically look for tension points in order to gently loosen them. A 10-minute bar massage is also worthwhile! You have the opportunity to try this out from Wednesday to Friday in our selected bars: Le Theater, Felix, Vinum, Amadeus, Enchilada, Kostbar, Marshall. Cape Tormentoso, L'Oasis, Suite, Forum3 or the Mos Eisley. Enjoy your drink, the company, the music and a neckAttack wellness massage. There couldn't be a better station wagon, right? Have fun and have a nice week mobile massage Stuttgart!

The Oktoberfest is in Munich, and it's a bit warmer in the south too, but that doesn't mean that nothing is going on in Hamburg! This week we celebrate the Reeperbahnfest, the film festival and the traditional ship parade. If you are planning a day tour into the city or just want to relax after a hard day at work, you should definitely keep your eyes open for us! Our massage teams can be found this week from Wednesday to Saturday from 21:00 p.m. in the bars and restaurants in Ottensen and the Sternschanze, as well as on Fridays in the Lange Reihe.

We're going into the new neckAttack season with spring-like power. The Düsseldorf and Cologne locations are really stepping on the gas. The first auditions have started. The response was consistently positive. I'm looking forward to the great new team members and the relaxation program for our night owls. The mobile massage Cologne and the mobile massage Düsseldorf is on the way for you. Enjoy a neck massage from neckAttack. You can find us all over Germany - keep your eyes open! Our teams “rock” the best bars and restaurants. We are out every evening, just for you! Let's go neck attacks….

Stuttgart invites you to relax. On Wednesday our mobile bartenders Dania, Siri, Joan and Hanni are out and about in our neckattack bars to relax you and your shoulders a little. Same on Thursday and Friday!
So, give it a try and enjoy the neckattack Wellness massage. These and the concept of neckattack come from Australia. For about 10 years now, the bar massage has also proven itself in Germany. The masseurs are out and about in 12 major cities and offer you a very special, no-obligation relaxation experience.
The wishes you a lot of fun and nice evenings in Stuttgart mobile massage Stuttgart!

Mobile massage from neckattack in Hamburg

Now autumn has caught up with us. Real hamburgers (and those who want to become one) naturally remain unimpressed by the wet and cold. To be on the safe side, we still advise against sitting outside in the bars and restaurants at night. Don't worry, you won't be overlooked inside the bars either! Try a neckattack massage.
This week you can find us on Thursday in the Sternschanze, on Friday in the Lange Reihe and on Saturday in Altona.
The mobile massage Hamburg wishes you a relaxing week!

Mobile massage Hamburg

The weather is getting cooler and the days are getting shorter. So lucky that we were finally given back the hour that was stolen from us in spring by the summer time! And we want to use the time saved twice: From now on you can meet our Hamburg massage team from 20:00 p.m. in the usual places. That would be this week on Wednesday in the Sternschanze and on Thursday in Altona.
The mobile massage Hamburg wishes you a relaxing week!