Relaxed employees for relaxed guests at the nhow Hotel Berlin

nhow hotel massage

nhow hotel mobile massage - relaxed staff

In a hotel, guests should relax, be pampered and enjoy their stay. This is expected and normal. In the “nhow” design hotel in Berlin-Friedrichshain, this was also extended to the employees, who received a week-long visit from our neckattack masseurs, who pampered them with Australian massages directly at their workplaces and provided relaxation. Because relaxed employees work more motivated to enable guests to have a relaxing stay in the hotel! Our Australian massage can also be used as a Office massage

Nhow Hotel Berlin: Design by the star architect

nhow hotel rooms - relaxed employeesThe modern design hotel in Berlin-Friedrichshain was designed by US star designer Karim Rashid, who is something of a pop star among designers. As a professor of industrial design, he has designed and realized 3000 designs and objects in the course of his life and has received over 300 design awards. In Berlin he was responsible for the design of the nhow hotel. The rooms are designed in unique colors and designs.

Massage ensures relaxation

nhow hotel australian massage - relaxed staffThe nhow Hotel advertises its rooms as the “perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city”. What could be more obvious than to extend this idea to the people who ensure that the guests manage to switch off every day? So there were three of us at the beginning of April neckattack Masseurs Paco, Jana and Gertrude 1,5 hours daily on site. Your feedback after a week in the hotel? “Lots of nice employees with a lot of massage needs”. We would be happy to come back soon, because our masseurs had almost as much fun as the staff - and it wasn't that expensive either - see ours Massage prices.

Australian massage in the office

nhow mobile massage - relaxed staffThe Australian massage is great for that mobile massage in the office or at events like Blades and congresses, because they can be carried out directly on clothing and with any seat. So it is not necessary to provide a special room with a massage table or massage chair. The masseur can provide relaxation directly at the workplace. In the nhow Hotel Berlin tensions were released, muscles relaxed, blood circulation and motivation increased. Our masseurs had a lot of fun the week in the hotel!

Of course, we can also come to the company with massage chairs - here we really only need a permanent place to massage. Massage chair massage has a lot of benefits, but Australian massages are kind of cooler!

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