The Württembergische Gemeinde-Versicherung WGV ensures relaxed employees with massage

mobile massage

Project: WGV Versicherung, Architect: Hascher + Jehle and IF Group, Location: Stuttgart
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The WGV relaxes your employees

The Württembergische Gemeinde-Versicherung (WGV) stands with its slogan for "everything valuable in life" - health is particularly valuable - and not only that of its paying members, but also that of its own employees. Since the middle of November, the WGV, in cooperation with neckattack, has offered its employees the opportunity to join in mobile massage Stuttgart to do something for their health. As part of the health day on March 8.3.2016, XNUMX, our masseuse Ariane Bombis was on site in Stuttgartrt.

Massage on the massage chair

15 minutes against tension

The employees of WGV were able to register in advance for the mobile massage. Many of them already knew the expert hands of our neckattack masseuse from the appointments of the previous months and invented the saying “Ariane Bombis is a bomb” in her honor. Because Ariane's trained hands find precisely the places where tension is located in the shortest possible time, and then gently relieve them in just 15 minutes of mobile massage.

23 employees relaxed

A total of 20 WGV employees were able to enjoy a 23-minute massage every 15 minutes. For this purpose, the Württemberg community insurance kindly provides a separate room each time, which is also used for relaxation. Sitting on the special massage chair, the office massage is carried out over the clothes and is extremely refreshing, vitalizing and relaxing in the short time it takes.

massage massage chair 02Enjoy preventive health care until June

The WGV has been offering its employees once a month and until June, within the framework of company health care, to participate in neckattack with a mobile massage to relax from everyday office life. Sitting for a long time, working at a computer screen and incorrect sitting posture often lead to tension, which can be quickly and easily resolved with a short massage. If such tension remains untreated, other health problems such as headaches, back pain and neck pain can easily arise. A massage prevents this and also ensures more motivated and healthier employees!

Same time, same place for relaxation

The next appointment for the relaxing and vitalizing Office massage At the WGV it is already clear and not only the employees of the insurance, but also our masseuse is looking forward to April 13.4.2016, 9 when she starts massaging again from XNUMX a.m. "The atmosphere at both WGVs is always so relaxed and nice," says Ariane. We are sure: after the mobile massage, the atmosphere is always a lot more relaxed!