Choosing the right massage practice

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Massage qualityIf you carefully look at newspaper advertisements, handouts, advertisements and flyers, you will quickly get the impression that there are massage practices “sand on the sea”. But how do you find the massage practice that is suitable or particularly good for you among all the offers? How do you recognize a good massage practice and what should you pay attention to when choosing?

Know your own needs

First of all, it should be clear: what am I looking for? Do I want or need to redeem a prescription for a medical massage or is it primarily about relaxation? A rough distinction must therefore be made between:

  • Medical massage and
  • Wellness massage

The former aims to heal certain ailments, the latter only serves to relax. A good massage practice should have clearly written out the nature of your offer. There are medical massage practices that expand their range to include relaxing wellness massages. A pure wellness massage practice may not offer medical massages if the masseur is not a trained one medical masseur or medical lifeguards. This must be clearly stated.

massage practiceCompare training

“Massage” is not just “massage”! In theory, anyone who wants to can offer massages for relaxation. Even without training or advanced training courses. Imaginative names of massage types can be an indication that there is no really in-depth training behind them. A traditional "Thai Massage“Cannot be learned in an evening course, for example. If, for example, a “relaxation massage according to Thai tradition” or similar flowery word creations is offered, one can assume that there is no corresponding training. It can be useful to compare additional offers of the massage practice. Do they also offer complementary therapies that prevent (sports) injuries and alleviate other complaints through prevention?

Obtain recommendations

If the doctor prescribes a medical massage, he can usually recommend a massage practice with which he has already had good experiences. If there is no free appointment, you can look for recommendations from acquaintances, friends or online. In the case of a medical massage, a personal recommendation is quite simple: if the application helped and noticeably supported the healing process, the masseur knows his trade. When it comes to relaxation massages, it is not always easy to make a recommendation, as everyone has different expectations of one type of wellness massage or the other.

Hygiene massageHygiene is important!

Regardless of whether it is a medical massage, mobile massage or relaxation massage: hygiene is important! That includes the professional Appearance of the masseur, the cleanliness of the bed, towels, sanitary facilities and also the general Environment. The latter is particularly important for wellness massages. It is therefore worth making an appointment for a massage personally in the massage practice to get an impression of the practice. Hygiene and training are not visible on the phone! Regardless of whether the appointment is made in person or by telephone: no further follow-up appointments should be made before the first massage, in order to keep the option open to go to another massage practice if you do not like it.