The massage against smartphone complaints: "Relax with no apps"

Smartphone massage

Smartphone massageThe smartphone can really relieve you of a lot of work and it can do a lot. With the right app, you can even relax and switch off from everyday life. Wellness with the smartphone? The opposite is also the case!

Smartphone complaints from constant use of the cell phone

Many of us rarely put our smartphones down: emails are checked, messages are sent, photos are taken, the Facebook status is quickly updated, researched on Wikipedia and the way is found with the smartphone's integrated navigation system. The posture is anything but relaxed: the thumb, forearm and upper arm tense up when typing and scrolling, the neck is cramped when the increasingly flatter and smoother phones are clamped between the ear and shoulder to make a call. Tendonitis and painful wrists and elbows are not uncommon when long texts or chats are typed on the much too small smartphone keyboard. Headaches and tension are the result. But few want to put their smartphone aside. How good that there is now the "Relax with no Apps" massage, which makes everyone fit again for the next smartphone usage marathon!

The massage makes you fit for the smartphone

Smartphone massageWith the massage, which is specially designed for the needs of people who use their smartphone excessively, all muscle groups affected are massaged and thus loosened. In addition, the massage stimulates the blood circulation, which can often be disturbed by the abnormal position of the arm and head. Pay particular attention to the neck, forearms and fingers, especially the hand in which the smartphone is held. The left half of the body is affected in left-handers and the right half of the body in right-handers. The aim is also to create a place of calm during the massage, because the smartphone should remain switched off during the massage.

New energy for smartphones and users

Smartphone massageSo that the user and smartphone can find each other full of new energy after the massage, there are of course sockets with which the smartphone can be charged. Unfortunately, this massage is still quite new on the market and is currently only offered in a few cities. In all four star hotels of the “Rocco Forte Hotels“ (mobile massage Munich, mobile massage Berlin and mobile massage Frankfurt) the “Relax with no Apps” massage is part of the standard wellness program in the hotel's spa area. It lasts 25 minutes and is therefore ideal for the lunch break - before the smartphone gets hot again. Perhaps in the future mobile masseurs will also specialize in that Office massage or on Knives for a massage especially for smartphone users? Because one thing is certain: Smartphones are an indispensable part of our everyday life and the resulting complaints will increase. Until the "Relax with no Apps" massage is available in your area, simply put your smartphone aside and relax - for example, simply in the bathtub ...

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