The La Stone® therapy

La Stone Massage
La Stone Massage

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Hot stone massage is known. From Cold stone massage one has already heard. But what should the “La Stone® Therapy” be? More stones? Yes! And up to 54 of these are used for massage and relaxation.

La Stone® therapy: relaxation with stones

The wellness and massage concept of La Stone® therapy was developed in the USA in the mid-1990s and combines the effects of warm and cold stimuli with massage. For this purpose, stones of different sizes and colors are used. For the heat application, up to 54 mostly black basalt stones are chosen for Cold applications 18 white marble stones. The stones are available in different shapes, curves and sizes. Allegedly, the La Stone® therapy is a combination of traditional healing knowledge of the North American Hopi Indians and classic massage techniques. Influences from Hawaii are also conceivable. The La Stone® therapy is suitable for alleviating the following ailments, among other things

  • tension
  • Stress
  • Circulatory disorders
  • Pain

Implementation of the La Stone® therapy

La Stone Massage


So that the stones slide well, the entire body is oiled with a high-quality massage oil. Aromatic oils can also be used. In the meantime, the massage stones are brought to temperature: the light stones are stored on ice and thus cool down, the dark stones are heated in a water bath to around 60 degrees. Alternatively, the cold stones can also be brought to temperature by storing them in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator and placed on ice again and again during the massage to cool down. A special massage technique is used to massage with cold and warm stones, which is perceived as very pleasant and not very painful, but which can nevertheless release deep tension. To do this, warm stones are placed on the tense muscles and hit with another warm stone. The resulting vibrations should loosen the tissue, the warmth of the stone on top of it relax the muscles. The vibrations can also reach muscle groups that are difficult to access. The massage takes place as a full body massage and is also used on the face. The masseur uses smaller stones for this. The total time including oiling is at least one hour, during which stones that are not required are continuously kept at their specified temperature.

Kneipp therapy made of stone

Some people feel reminded of the method of alternating hot and cold baths developed by Pastor Kneipp during La Stone® therapy. The mode of action is also the same: the extreme change in temperatures stimulates the metabolism and vitalizes the whole organism - but in a much gentler and more pleasant way than an actual alternating bath.

La Stone® therapy and mobile massage

La Stone Massage


Even if the equipment sounds complicated, La Stone® therapy is quite simple in that mobile massage applicable. With a cool box filled with ice and a kettle with adjustable water temperature, the equipment you need is perfect. If you don't have a crushed ice machine or an ice compartment that is too small at home, you can easily get a large bag of ice cubes at the gas station or at fast-food restaurants. The latter is often free. It is important to clean the stones thoroughly with soapy water after each patient. Please do not use acidic cleaners on the light marble stones, as these attack and roughen the smoothly polished surface!

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