The classic massage

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There is nothing more pleasant than a relaxing classic massage after a strenuous day, after exercise or with minor back problems, as can be found in almost every one of us.

But what does massage actually do and what does it do to you? Why should you treat yourself to it more often, when should you leave it? I will answer all of these questions for you in the following text

answer in order to sensitize you to this topic.

What is classic massage anyway?

The massage is probably the oldest healing art on earth. The origins of massage go back to 2700 BC. Finding Christ in Far Eastern areas. Massage for relaxation

In today's age, massage is widespread, be it in the wellness area or in the field of physiotherapy. In general, massage is referred to as “a mechanical, adequately dosed, hand-applied therapy of the muscles and body cover for healing purposes. ''

How does classic massage work?

Effects of classic massage

One of the most important effects of classic massage is the reflective effect, which means that pain stimuli, for example. In the shoulder and neck area by mechanical stimuli such as Massages, to be covered. This is the reason for the immediate feeling of well-being during a massage.

Of course, this is followed immediately by the relaxation of the muscles, which may have caused pain before. In addition, the classic massage stimulates the metabolism and stimulates blood circulation in every massage-like treatment of the skin.

When should you prefer not to enjoy a massage and do without it?

Basically, in the case of acute inflammation and open wounds, massage should not be used, as the risk of this condition worsening is very high. In addition, if you have infectious skin diseases, thromboses and arterial occlusive diseases, you should first consult your doctor before you should have a massage.

Often done, but usually the wrong solution, is massage after a so-called "lumbago". This is often a reflex tension of the lower back muscles to protect the spine, mainly after excessive strain or poor posture of the body. A massage would deprive the spine of the protective muscles and thereby further endanger the spine.

If none of these conditions apply to your body, you can always opt for a massage. A massage not only has positive effects on your muscles, but also on your psyche, be it simply through the increased release of the happiness hormone "endorphin" or through improved posture, which you can take again after a relaxing massage. It is not for nothing that they also say, "The back is the soul's organ of expression".

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I hope I was able to teach you a little more about classic massage and answer some of your questions.

Your neckattack team wishes you a relaxing week and we look forward to being able to relax you again soon with our mobile massage.