Dao temple massage / Tao massage

Tao Dao massage

Tao Dao massageThis type of massage can be found in different spellings. Both spellings refer to the term “journey” (Dao / Tao). As with many Asian massage techniques, you should inform yourself well before making a reservation whether it is an erotic massage or not, as the term "travel" / Tao / Dao is particularly popular in connection with erotic massage offers!

Dao / Tao massage

The term "travel" Dao / Tao indicates that the Dao massage is about the holistic, physical and mental balance, i.e. about relaxation on all levels. The Dao massage has its origins in the Indian and Tibetan cultural areas, but in the West it has mostly been mixed with Japanese and Chinese elements, so that it is difficult to find the original form of the massage. But even with modifications or mixed forms, the central philosophy of the Dao / Tao massage is retained: The life energy "Chi" must be able to flow unhindered in order to maintain the body in a healthy state of well-being. If the life energy cannot flow through the body undisturbed, these blockages cause complaints that can manifest themselves in health and / or mental problems. The aim of the Tao / Dao massage is to dissolve such blockages and to alleviate or eliminate complaints through free flowing life energy. Furthermore, the Tao / Dao massage should

  • Revitalize
  • relax
  • activate the lymph flow
  • increase blood circulation
  • stimulate the metabolism
  • Eliminate sleep disorders
  • Relieve pain through relaxation

Performing the Tao / Dao massage

Tao Dao Massage 1Before starting the massage, a warm foot bath is recommended to warm up and relax the body. Depending on the variant of the Dao / Tao massage, the masseur then wears a scent-neutral one massage oil on or uses so-called "energy essences", which should also ensure that energy that has become unbalanced can flow freely again during the massage. During the full-body massage there is absolute silence, body and mind should regain their balance with as few external stimuli as possible. Aromatic oils, room fragrances and music should be taboo. If “energy essences” are used, they should not be used by others essential oils are impaired in their effect. The massage itself takes place in soft, stroking movements. Kneading at points relieves tension. Gentle loosening of the joints and extensive stroking with the forearms complete the massage. After the massage, it is advisable to rest under a warm blanket, usually a hot drink is also served. The total time including footbath and rest is about 90 minutes.

Tao / Dao massage in mobile massage

Tao Dao massageThe Tao / Dao massage is excellent for that mobile massage suitable. It should be clarified in advance whether a room is available that can be comfortably heated and in which little external stimuli such as noise and smells can be perceived. The mobile masseur can use a folding bowl for the foot bath and pamper the customer with it, while the masseur sets up the lounger for the massage and explains the massage procedure.



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