Mobile Massage Cologne

Mobile massages can be booked throughout Cologne without travel expenses, among others, we have in Cologne
mobile business massages in their company, massages at events or trade-massage.

We offer further the whole range of services, from the classic to the Australian massage.
Order your mobile massage directly to your home or office!

Telefon: 0800 – 3 380 380 (free call)

The Cologne Team

Our Cologne Massage team currently consists of 33 spa masseurs and masseuses 10
who are from morning to night, and even at night and on weekends at your disposal.

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    Agnes Jendrecki

    City Manager Cologne

Agnes Jendrecki

Bar Massage

Massages in bars found in Cologne regularly from Wednesday to Saturdays.
Among other things, we will begin Thursday in the film canister near the university at 20:00 clock.
From there starts the tour of our team by the Cologne nightlife.

Cologne News

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