Chi Yang massage

Chi Yang Massage 1

Chi Yang massageThe Chi-Yang massage must by no means be combined with the similarly named "Chi Massage", either Tuina-Anmo called to be confused! The Chi Yang massage is a pure beauty massage, in which care and relaxation are in the foreground, but not the healing of certain complaints! Therefore, wellness masseurs can also practice the Chi Yang massage if they have no knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

Massage for beauty

The Chi Yang massage has its origins in traditional Chinese medicine, but has now arrived in Europe as a pure beauty massage. It is an advantage if the masseur has knowledge of holistic Chinese medicine, but not a prerequisite. The massage combines elements of acupressure with wellness massage and beauty treatment and is therefore particularly popular among women. The primary goals of the Chi Yang massage are:

  • Relaxation
  • well-being
  • skin care
  • Promotion of blood circulation

The massage stimulates the blood circulation in the skin and it is also well cared for, which can lead to a firmer complexion. Since the treatment lasts about an hour, the relaxation effect is particularly given by consciously switching off from everyday life.

Performing the Chi Yang massage

Chi Yang Massage 2The Chi Yang massage is a full body massage that is carried out with plenty of oil. High-quality cosmetic oils of vegetable origin are used, which are enriched with real 22 carat gold particles. This is supposed to nourish the skin and underline the luxurious character of the treatment. During the massage, the pressure points derived from TCM are stimulated by massage in order to ensure a better flow of energy of the life energy "Chi". In cosmetic practices, so-called "Chi Yang Face Treatments" are also offered, in which only the face and neck are massaged with the gold particle oil. Basically, the Chi Yang massage is a soothing full body massage in which that Olive oil is massaged into the skin with gentle movements while stimulating certain meridians and acupressure pressure points. The duration of the massage from at least one hour to 90 minutes for a full body massage gives the skin intensive care. The pressure exerted on the acupressure points can also release tension and loosen up the muscles. The primary goal of the Chi Yan massage is not to release physical tension, but to offer relaxation on a spiritual level in combination with intensive skin care.

Chi Yang massage in mobile massage

Chi Yang Massage 1The mobile masseur needs a mobile massage table that is suitable for oil-rich massages to carry out a Chi Yang massage. Special Ayurveda massage tables are ideal, the upper material of which is particularly oil-resistant and the high edge of which prevents the oil from dripping down. Ideally, this type of mobile massage to be offered in cooperation with wellness facilities, SPAs or cosmetic studios. Due to the duration of the application and the higher costs of the oil enriched with gold particles, this massage is not exactly cheap and should be offered to appropriate target groups.