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Office massage Cologne

Office massage CologneThe celebrated carnival city of Cologne is not for bores and sleepyheads, because here you have your finger on the pulse of the times and are always in a party mood. But the people of Cologne show their full commitment not only when celebrating, but also at work. So it's no wonder that there is hustle and bustle, stress as well Tension in the neck - and back, especially with office workers make noticeable on a regular basis.

Therefore  More and more progressive companies are opting for a mobile massage directly at the workplace  and thus proactively respond to the needs of your employees. You can find out here why employee satisfaction is so significantly influenced by massages in the office.

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How does a massage work in the office?

In Cologne, employees in the office are often exposed to stress due to the hectic everyday life and work most of the time sitting, so that sooner or later body and mind urgently need relaxation.  Loss of motivation, difficulty concentrating and health problems  lead to employees no longer being able to do their work happily and productively. The good news: Regular massages in the office help with these problems effectively to take countermeasures.

As a natural and tried and tested means, massages promote the wellbeing and health of employees and at the same time increase performance, concentration and willingness to work. A massage causes immediate relaxation, promotes a harmonious working atmosphere in the team and boosts motivation. The stressed body and the tired mind come back into balance.

Good to know: A massage in the office is being offered gladly accepted by the employees of the company and contributes significantly to greater job satisfaction. Companies that offer the in-house service of mobile massage significantly upgrade their image, because they prove that they can do justice to the work-life balance that is so extremely important today. This benefit sets them apart from other employers and binds their employees to them in the long term.

All benefits at a glance

  • Health prevention
  • increase of productivity
  • Increase in job satisfaction
  • Increased concentration
  • Increase motivation
  • Harmonious working atmosphere in the team
  • Image enhancement of the company

Are there any disadvantages?

Employees who suffer from health problems should always consult their doctor and masseur before massage treatments. Special Caution applies in particular to circulatory disorders, thromboses and heart problems, Diseases of the lymphatic system and pregnancy.

What is the process of an office massage in Cologne?

During a massage in the office, the employees  through clothing comfortably on a massage chair  massaged. The professionally trained masseurs from Cologne pay special attention to the neck, back, head and shoulders of their customers in order to relieve tension and relieve headaches.

Since the massage chair takes up little space, the treatment does not necessarily have to be carried out in a separate room - but a quiet place is of course an advantage. Because the office massage only 10 to 30 minutes takes, it can be easily integrated into everyday office life. So that the employees can find peace and quiet during their massage treatment and simply let themselves be pampered, the relaxation break is particularly ideal for this.

Mobile massage in Cologne - an unbeatable offer

The mobile massage is easily ordered in the office in Cologne. A team of professionally trained masseurs travels independently to the agreed office and  massages the employees directly on site . This eliminates the time-consuming visit to the massage studio and you are not bound by any opening times.

A mobile massage is not only very popular in the office, but also also at various private and business events. Innovative companies offer massages when they visit trade fairs because they want their potential customers to remember them for a long time.

The professional masseurs at neckattack offer you Mobile massages at work for over 15 years and many other types of massage. Trust our many years of experience and contact us in an uncomplicated manner to arrange your very own individual appointments with us. We welcome your questions - we will be happy to advise you!


Word has long since got around how effective and beneficial for employee satisfaction massages are in the workplace. That is why many progressive companies are now relying on it, showing that they live the modern zeitgeist and take the needs of their employees seriously. Because  Only healthy and happy employees are able to work in a long-term motivated, focused and productive manner .

Regular massages make employees feel really welcome and valued in their work environment. Try it out and give your employees the ultimate motivational kick!

Massages at home or in the office?

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