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Office massage Frankfurt

Office massage Frankfurt flat design neckattackOffice massages not only ensure relaxation and well-being, but also contribute significantly  Health care and employee motivation  at. As a metropolis, Frankfurt am Main already offers numerous massage studios - however, more and more companies are opting for a professionally performed, mobile massage directly at the workplacein order to provide your employees with the best possible support in a productive working day.

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Effect of massages in the office

In Frankfurt office workers are often exposed to stress in their hectic everyday work and spend most of their time sitting. So it's no wonder that they are particularly affected by tension, headaches and back pain. Health problems, a lack of motivation and difficulty concentrating prevent employees from doing their work happily and productively. A regular mobile massage in the office can provide an effective and uncomplicated remedy.

Office massages are a natural and effective means of promoting the health of employees, their well-being and, at the same time, increasing their performance, concentration and willingness to work. Massages relieve tension and help the stressed body regain more balance and health. Both headaches and back pain are relieved and reduced.

A massage at the workplace ensures immediate relaxation of the body, promotes a pleasant working atmosphere and also boosts motivation.

The mobile office massage is gladly accepted by company employees and contributes significantly to greater satisfaction in the office. The image of the company is upgraded because it proves that it lives up to the modern zeitgeist in the area of ​​work-life balance. You stand out as a popular employer and manage to retain your employees.

Overview of advantages

  • health care
  • Increased concentration
  • Increase in job satisfaction and productivity
  • Increased motivation
  • Image enhancement of the company


As a traditional and natural method, an office massage is fundamentally risk-free for healthy employees. However, caution is advised with circulatory disorders, thromboses, heart problems, lymphatic system diseases or with existing pregnancy. Customers who use a massage should therefore always consult their doctor and have the mobile office massage performed exclusively by professionally trained masseurs.

Procedure for an office massage in Frankfurt

The body is massaged through clothing by professionally trained masseurs from Frankfurt on a comfortable massage chair. The massage pays special attention to the neck, back, head and shoulder area in order to relieve tension and relieve headaches. The break, in which employees can relax and enjoy their well-deserved break at work to the full, is ideal for this.

The massage chair takes up little space, which is why the mobile massage in Frankfurt does not necessarily have to be carried out in a separate room. However, a quiet place to relax is an advantage. The massage takes about 10-30 minutes on the massage chair and can be easily integrated into everyday work at the workplace.

Massage Frankfurt: prices

The prices for massages in the office in Frankfurt vary depending on the provider. You will be asked individually and tailored to your personal needs.

Office and event massage as a mobile service

In Frankfurt, the mobile massage is easily ordered in the office. The masseurs travel independently to the agreed office and then carry out the office massage directly on site. Thereby there is no need to go to the massage studio at a disadvantageous time.

Not only mobile office massages are very popular with companies and their employees. A mobile massage can also be booked for an event, which is particularly useful in a flourishing and economically strong city like Frankfurt am Main. After all, companies meet here regularly for events in order to win customers and draw attention to themselves.

Massages are popular everywhere and so many customers like to have tension and the stress of everyday life massaged away at an event. A company that offers event massage clearly stands out from other companies and is positively remembered by visitors.

Overview of advantages

  • Flexibility
  • Conveniently and directly on site
  • Customer acquisition at events
  • Image enhancement of the company


There are no disadvantages due to the uncomplicated service of a mobile massage.

Conclusion - Mobile Massage Frankfurt

A mobile office massage in Frankfurt offers numerous advantages. It not only relaxes body and mind, but also helps with health prevention, increases motivation and concentration and ensures happy, balanced and productive employees.

Regular massages reduce stress and increase wellbeing. Mobile massages are also a quick and effective way to get rid of bothersome tension and pain in the workplace. The process is convenient and uncomplicated, the massages can be easily integrated into everyday office life.

But even at events, the mobile event massage becomes a customer magnet and is a welcome highlight for all customers that they will remember positively for a long time. A mobile massage - whether as an office massage or at an event - is a popular alternative to massages in the studio, especially in a city like Frankfurt, where the clocks run a little faster and people long for relaxation.

A well-known provider of mobile massages in Frankfurt is neck attack.

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