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How does a massage work in the office?

A massage in the office not only serves as a preventive measure in terms of the health of the employees, it also has a motivating and relaxing effect. This measure does not only benefit the employees, it is also in the interest of every employer to reduce the annual sick leave and to minimize absenteeism. The Neckattack masseurs also offer an office massage in your company in Dortmund. 

The advantages for the employees

Healthy, happy and motivated employees are an important part of every company. Especially with office jobs or sedentary activities, tension and headaches are almost inevitable. Not only correct sitting posture and correct office furniture support the freedom from complaints of the employees, also office massages, which are offered in Dortmund, serve health prevention and relaxation. The neck, head and shoulders are treated by trained masseurs. Special preventive and easy-to-carry out exercises are also explained and practiced together in order to avoid annoying complaints in the first place and prevent them. 

The following advantages result from an office massage for employees and employees: 

  • To be assessed as positive for health
  • Draw energy
  • Personal needs are taken into account
  • Productivity is increased
  • health prevention
  • Less sick leave due to neck pain
  • Cohesion in the company is promoted
  • health prevention

Possible disadvantages an office massage in Dortmund

Employees who suffer from previous illnesses such as circulatory disorders and thrombosis should inform the masseur of these complaints in advance. The masseur must also be informed of an existing pregnancy so that he can tailor the relaxing treatment to it as best as possible.  

It might make sense to schedule the mobile office massage in Dortmund at the end of the working day. It remains to be seen whether you will still have the motivation you need to work after a pleasant massage. 

The process of an office massage in Dortmund

The respective masseur from Neckattack brings a massage chair to the office for the treatment. It makes sense to retreat to a quiet place for the massage so that you can enjoy it undisturbed. Nothing is more annoying than when the phone keeps ringing during treatment. Tensions are released, the neck, head and shoulders are massaged and relaxed, and the fasciae are released and activated. In this way, annoying work-related headaches disappear on their own or sensible exercises and massages can prevent them from arising in the first place. 

Generally one lasts mobile treatment between 10 and 30 minutes. Depending on the employee's wishes. Greater tension should be treated for longer.

Mobile massages in Dortmund

You don't have to go to the masseur, the masseur comes to you. The massage and the subsequent relaxation in your familiar surroundings in Dortmund and the surrounding area are guaranteed. Treat yourself to the luxury of a short break and gain new strength and energy for everyday problems.  Our trained masseur will respond to your wishes. If neck massage or head massage, with the mobile offer your health will be improved, you can again  draw new strength and are ideally equipped for professional tasks. Of course, the Neckattack masseurs are always up to date thanks to regular training courses Was standing.


An office massage definitely makes sense for every company. Office massages in Dortmund are easy to organize and, according to surveys, are very popular and add value for employees in every company. Treat yourself to this luxury too. You will see that it is worthwhile for you, your health and your well-being. 

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