Does the mobile masseur need Facebook?

Social media photo

FacebookFacebook started out as a small platform where photos were exchanged. Today, over 10 years later, Facebook is the second most frequently opened website in Germany - just behind Google. Does it make sense to identify yourself as a mobile masseur register on Facebook to win new customers?

Facebook Pages

Facebook offers the opportunity to present yourself as a local company. You don't need your own homepage for this, just an email address through which the new account is verified. Facebook Pages is not for private individuals, only for local businesses or places such as massage, restaurant, attraction; Organizations or institutions (such as the police, fire brigade, etc.); a brand or product; Artist, band or public figure; Entertainment; good cause or community. Registering as a mobile masseur with one page does not mean making your private details public. It is a purely business presence on the Internet, which is used for advertising and information purposes.

Separate private and business needs cleanlysocial network

On the side of the mobile massage service, it should really only be about these services. Private things or views on this account should never be shared. If you have a private profile on Facebook, you are welcome to share the content of the business page, but never the other way around!

Win fans

A Facebook page only makes sense if it is alive and has fans. Therefore two things are essential: 1. fans have to be won and 2. interesting articles for the fans have to be posted regularly.

The easiest way to win fans is to invite friends of your private profile to "like" the new company site. You can also like other profiles under the business profile who pursue similar interests and hope for mutuality. It is also possible to place advertisements for a small fee. It is important to narrow down the group of people who will see this advertisement. If the massage only takes place regionally, advertising should only be given regionally. A sensible setting would therefore be to only transmit the advertising message to users who live in the city concerned. Another of the many ways to win new fans is to advertise a competition: "like & share - and you will take part in the competition". The prize should then also be awarded regionally.

Facebook siteAnimate the chronicle

What used to be called “pinboard” is now called “chronicle” and is the page on which everything that is posted in the name of the business is displayed. The livelier the chronicle, the more interesting it is for fans to stick with it. But the same applies here: the amount counts! One post per week is the minimum, more than three can be annoying and lead to fans being logged off. The following are suitable as shared content:

  • Offers (massage techniques, services, ...)
  • Promotions (price reductions, discount cards, ...)
  • News (move, new massage techniques, ...)
  • Activities ("tomorrow Event massage at XYZ "," on the weekend at the wedding in ABC "...)
  • Photos (premises, equipment, utensils, applications
  • Links to your own blog posts
  • Interesting articles (from our website, for example, press articles related to the topic, etc.)
  • Teaser ("and now a soothing massage ..." with offer details; Coupons, ...)

Supplement to your own homepage

It makes a lot of sense to link your Facebook presence to your own website, your own company homepage. On the Homepage longer texts such as blog posts can then be accommodated and the entire business can be presented in more detail. Visitors to the website should be given the opportunity to use the Facebook widget to be taken directly to the Facebook presence. It is of course also possible to start on Facebook and design a website later. In both appearances, one thing should be clear: whoever wants to be found has to be present. And today online is more important than print!

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