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Fear of contact when massaging

Experience has shown that there are people who do not feel comfortable when they are touched or massaged by a certain gender. This has nothing to do with the "fear of contact" in the medical sense, but only describes a conscious or unconscious discomfort to be treated by a person of that or which gender. Since a massage should always increase well-being and relaxation, it makes sense to do something about it! Possible constellations that can be perceived as unpleasant:

  • Masseur: man / patient: woman
  • Masseur: man / patient: man
  • Masseur: woman / patient: man
  • Masseur: woman / patient: woman

AnxietyPreventing surprises

Handelt es sich um eine mobile massage an individual, to whom the masseur will be asked to go to the place where the massage will take place (Hotel, SPA, apartment, ...) it is extremely annoying if the massage is either canceled on site or not perceived as beneficial. Therefore, when making an appointment, it should be clear which gender is being massaged. For example, “I'll come straight to the hotel” or “Our Ms. Miller will be with you” instead of “We'll send someone from us over”. This means that the customer still has the opportunity to express his discomfort - or to prepare for it.

Offer choice

Is the mobile massage a Event massage, for example at a wedding, trade fair, exhibition or congress, it would be a good idea to go to the event with at least two mobile masseurs of different sexes in order to provide those interested and those in need of a massage with a choice. So everyone can enjoy a professional massage, even if he / she has a problem with one gender or the other. So everyone can choose a masseur without addressing the problem. Especially when you are "among yourself", for example with friends or colleagues, thanks to "peer pressure" nobody will express their discomfort, but rather let the massage "by the wrong person" endure you instead of enjoying it. And that would be a shame!

Fear of contactOffer alternatives

If the child has already fallen into the well because it was not clear in advance whether the mobile masseur is male or female and the masseur was not aware of the problem, a solution must be found. If the patient does not express his feelings, but lets the masseur feel it during the application, alternatives should be offered for a follow-up massage. Sentences like “Should I send my colleagues over for you next time?” Or “My colleague is doing a great job too, would you like to get to know her next time?” Give those interested in a massage the opportunity to book another massage without being uncomfortable to speak directly. If the massage does not take place because the inhibition threshold is too great, there should be a corresponding clause in the terms and conditions of the mobile masseur, which protects against expenses and loss of earnings.

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