Job description: massage therapist / massage practitioner

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Massage therapist2A qualification that can be achieved relatively quickly and easily is that of massage therapist / massage practitioner. And another professional title that we have in our series "Job profiles in the massage sector“Would like to explain. With the multitude of possible qualifications, certificates and degrees, it is not easy for customers and young professionals to recognize the differences.

The massage therapist / massage practitioner

Both titles refer to one and the same training path, which is why we want to deal with them here together. Participants in the training with a healing license (e.g. alternative practitioners, doctors, etc.) receive a certificate as a massage therapist, participants without a healing license are certified as a massage practitioner. The name of this job title contains the word "therapist", which can lead to errors: In contrast to the state-certified medical masseur and medical pool attendant or the physiotherapist, massage therapists do not perform their massages for healing purposes, but work exclusively in the wellness sector. Every massage therapist and customer must be aware of this at all times, and massage therapists must also express this clearly.

Massage therapistRequirements

Quite simply: none! The training is intended for everyone who - regardless of their level of education, professional training or previous knowledge - is interested in the subject of massage. Beginners as well as "professionals" can take part in the courses.

training contents

As with all non-governmental training courses and pathways, the course content is not standardized. Basically, however, knowledge of the basics of the anatomy, operating principles and indications / contraindications of massage should be imparted. The aim should be to perform a full body massage independently after completing the course and several other wellness massages such as Lomi Lomi Nui or to master hot stone massage.

Training and duration

Many training centers also offer the courses part-time, so that you can learn at home with videos, scripts and other teaching materials and you only have to go to school for the practical part on weekends. Many providers also enable compact training within a few days. The duration varies between 3 and 8 days, depending on the content of the training and the scope of the training. One provider even offers to take the course units during a vacation in Mallorca! Wellness is in the game right from the start!

Massage therapist1Areas of application

In general, it can be used in the entire health sector: sports and fitness studios, spa and rehabilitation clinics, hotel SPA, spa and wellness areas, club hotels, cosmetic studios, medical practices, old people's homes, swimming pools and saunas or mobile massage. The activity can be full-time or part-time, as an employee or self-employed, since you have your own massage practice can open.


Some massage schools hand over the certificates without an examination after completing compulsory hours, others require a final examination or even several exams of different teaching units. Participants in the training with a healing license receive a certificate as a massage therapist, participants without a healing license are certified as a massage practitioner. The term “massage therapist” is not included in the list of state-recognized training occupations. The only officially recognized professions in the massage sector are: medical lifeguard / masseur and physiotherapist.

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