Amber Massage

Amber Massage
Amber Massage 1


The amber massage is often viewed as a variant of the gemstone massage, but amber is not mineral stones like precious stones are, but fossilized tree resin. As a result, amber has different properties than gemstones and an amber massage should not involve that Gemstone Massage be confused.

Effect of amber massage

In alternative medicine, amber is said to have a wide range of effects. It should relax particularly well through electromagnetic vibrations and ensure an energetic balance. In addition, amber is said to strengthen the immune system and bring relief from various pains. Amber is especially popular for babies, as small necklaces with amber help babies against toothache when teething and can be used as an anticonvulsant for colic. The amber massage can therefore also be used in a modified form for baby massage. The main characteristics are:

  • Relaxing
  • warming
  • Harmonizing
  • Provides energetic balance

Required utensils



For the amber massage, two round cut and particularly soft polished ambers in different sizes are required. Depending on the training, flat amber stones are also placed on the forehead and chest during the massage. This should increase the energetic effect. The massage can be used as a dry massage without oil, but also with massage oil be combined. Amber oil is often used for this. There are two different products under the name “amber oil”. On the one hand the “real amber oil”, a natural distillate from the amber itself. The same beneficial properties of amber have been attributed to this amber oil for centuries, which is why the use of real amber oil in the massage should intensify the effect. In esotericism, however, an oil in which an amber has been lying for a longer period of time is also referred to as "amber oil", since in esotericism it is assumed that the amber passes on its energetic properties to the oil while it is stored in the oil. Alternatively, you can also use any good herbal massage oil, completely without amber or a mixture of this or that amber oil with herbal massage oil.

Performing the massage



The full body massage with amber starts on the feet and works its way up the legs in gentle, circular movements. Both hands work synchronously and massage with the amber stones under the palm. Depending on the training, particular attention is paid to certain "energy points" or the entire body is massaged equally. Depending on the region of the body, the masseur uses amber of different sizes, with both hands always using stones of the same size. The massage stimulates the blood circulation and a pleasant and relaxing feeling of warmth spreads. The total duration should be 40-60 minutes, and a rest period of around 20 minutes is recommended. A glass of amber water after the massage should further enhance the effect. Amber water is still mineral water, which is stored for several hours together with amber granules in a carafe or jug.

Amber massage in mobile massage

The classic amber massage is a full body massage. But it can also be in the mobile massage can be used as a partial body massage. The accessories (amber and oil) are easy to transport and do not require any special preparation. Thus the amber massage is well suited to be included in the offer of a mobile masseur.

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